Metabolite Libraries

Close-up photograph of multi-pipettes adding samples to the deep well tray of a metabolite library kit with a violet solution in a laboratory.


Metabolite libraries and mixtures provide a convenient solution for identifying hundreds of metabolites in metabolomics testing and analysis, primarily for metabolite qualification and quantification in MS and NMR, functional cellular assays, and phenotypic screening. Our portfolio includes:

  • Ready-to-use standard mixture solutions for various research purposes, such as quantification, disease-related metabolite studies, or quality control samples in LC-MS.
  • IROA Technologies plated metabolite libraries containing numerous diverse classes of metabolites, each individually placed in a 96-well plate. Each library includes a user manual, plate map, and MLSDiscoveryTM software for data extraction, manipulation, and storage for building internal libraries.
  • Small molecule metabolite libraries and kits covering key metabolic pathways, including a Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis kit, Pentose Phosphate kit, TCA Cycle kit, and Urea Cycle kit.

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Our collection of metabolite libraries, supplied by IROA Technologies, contains a broad range of metabolite classes, each individually placed in a 96-well plate. These high purity (>95%) compounds are conveniently supplied in seven polypropylene racks of 96-well plates, with each well containing 5μg dried weight. The metabolites can be used as standards and injected individually or pooled, allowing for multiple mixtures to be analyzed per injection. 

Individual plate compounds can also be ordered separately to fulfill your research needs better.


TRUQUANT Yeast Extract Workflow Kit

TruQuant Yeast Extract Workflow Kit is a sophisticated quantitation system designed to take simultaneous and accurate biological measurements of several hundred biochemicals in small biological samples. The TruQuant workflow kit combines a software solution with a comprehensive set of over 500 complex internal standards to address issues related to ionization inefficiencies and matrix effects. This approach enables suppression-corrected data, ensures consistent quantitative results across different platforms, facilitates validated compound identification, and enables ongoing quality assurance/quality control of instruments.

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