Fluid Management

Robust fluid management systems mitigate the risk of process contamination. By combining our portfolio of single-use and multi-use systems, we can support your process needs. Our single-use portfolio includes assemblies, mixers and systems for large volume transport and storage. For multi-use facilities we provide stainless steel connectors, valves and mixers. A range of sterile connectors ensure closed connection and disconnection and our sterile sampling systems provide a reliable option for process monitoring. 

Lab technician connecting a 2D bag assembly on a Mobius® container cart to a Mobius® mixer
Connection/Disconnection for Bioprocessing

Sterilized fluid transfer systems containing tubing, connectors, clamps, valves, and disconnectors provide a critical link between disposable fluid paths and the various steps in your aseptic process, whether that is plastic-to-stainless or plastic-to-plastic.

An assortment of Mobius liquid storage solutions designed for efficient fluid transport and storage. The image showcases a mobile rack system with multiple transparent storage bags, a standalone wheeled bin, and a portable container, all adorned with the distinctive Mobius logo and presented in a clean, white and blue color scheme.
Fluid Transport & Storage

For single-use manufacturing, Mobius® liquid storage systems offer PE drums, stainless steel bins, collapsible bins, and container carts that deliver efficient, scalable, reliable fluid management solutions to your production floor. 

Two technicians in a sterile environment are operating a Mobius 2D and 3D single-use assembly system. They are dressed in full protective cleanroom suits, complete with hoods and masks, ensuring a contamination-free process.
Single-Use Assemblies

Mobius® 2D and 3D single-use assemblies and systems for sterile fluid management offer flexible manufacturing options for biopharmaceutical companies, from media and buffer preparation to final fill applications.

A trio of Mobius® single-use mixing solutions, each featuring a sleek stainless steel design with the iconic blue and pink Möbius strip logo. The mixers vary in size and are mounted on wheeled frames, showcasing their mobility and ease of integration into various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.
Single-Use Mixers

Our complete range of Mobius® single-use mixing solutions can meet your needs for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products, as well as preparation of process solutions such as buffers and media. 

Stainless Steel Connectors, Valves, and Mixers for Bioprocessing
Stainless Steel Connectors, Valves, and Mixers for Bioprocessing

NovAseptic® hardware, a range of high-performing risk-free fluid handling components, exceeds the requirements for clean, sanitary processes. With our wide range of mixers, valves, and connectors, you can easily improve the safety, quality, potency, and purity of your product while minimizing processing time.

Family shot of NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling systems connector offerings and security tag, including TC Connector, Ingold® Connector, In-Line Butt End TC Connector, In-Line TC Connector.
Sterile Sampling

A closed sterile sampling method is increasingly preferred by regulatory authorities over traditional sampling methods, such as glass bottles or steam-in-place (SIP) stainless steel valves. The NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling system is designed to provide you with the flexibility and safety you need when sampling at any point in your aseptic or sterile biomanufacturing process.

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