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Subcellular Fractionation, Enrichment, and Depletion Reagents

Subcellular fractionation techniques

Subcellular fractionation and protein enrichment enable the identification and study of proteins in proteomics research. A wide selection of kits for processing samples from cells, tissues, bacteria, plants, and other sample types is available for subcellular fractionation, protein extraction, depletion, and enrichment.

Organelle Isolation Kits

The biogenesis and maintenance of intracellular organelles is fundamental in cell biology. Establishing and maintaining order requires mechanisms to synthesize and localize proteins to specific organelles and monitor and regulate individual organelles. Targeted proteomics profiling can be partnered with protein pathway function by enriching for organelles and analyzing their contents. These kits and reagents enable researchers to enrich for functional mitochondria, chloroplasts and more with companion kits to determine organelle integrity.

  • Specially formulated extraction reagents and proven procedures suitable for small- or large-scale isolation
  • Isolate intact, functionally active organelles for protein extraction, in vitro assays, and other studies

ProteoExtract® Kits

The ProteoExtract® kits cover the different steps in proteomics sample preparation from protein extraction and abundant protein removal to concentration of protein mixtures, removal of interfering substances, digestion of proteins, selective capturing of phosphorylated peptides, and selective enrichment for specific protein classes. All kits are cross-compatible.

  • Efficient and reproducible protein extraction
  • Protease inhibitor cocktails improve results in downstream analyses
  • Better spot resolution facilitated by nucleic acid digestion with protease-free Benzonase® nuclease
  • Designed for compatibility with many applications including activity assays, Western blots, 1D and 2D PAGE, and mass spectrometry
  • Optimized protocols for different biological samples

ProteoPrep® Extraction and Depletion Kits

ProteoPrep® kits and individual extraction reagents allow for selective or total protein extracts from cellular samples. The protein extractions obtained with each component can be optimized to meet your individual needs. The reducing and alkylating reagents produce protein samples that exhibit improved focusing and decreased streaking in 2D gels. Each kit reagent is also available as an individual product for researchers who have optimized an extraction protocol using one chaotropic extraction reagent.

  • Innovative detergent preparations
  • Premixed solubilization solutions

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