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Enterobacteriaceae in Food
General guidance for the detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae in food according to EN-ISO 8523:1991 and EN-ISO 4832:1991, respectively.
Chiral Quest Phosphine Ligands
Sigma-Aldrich has research quantities of a series of Zhang’s chiral phosphines for catalytic asymmetric hydrogenations.
HPLC Analysis of Fumaric, Oxalic, and Citric Acid on SeQuant ZIC-HILIC
Separation of Fumaric acid; Oxalic acid; Citric acid
AliCE® Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Kit Quick Start Guide
Follow these five quick steps to perform cell-free protein synthesis using the ALiCE® protein expression plant lysate kit.
ALiCE®Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System Protocol
Achieve high protein yields with the ALiCE® Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System that allows you to obtain “difficult to produce” proteins in a matter of hours instead of weeks.
Antibody Drug Conjugate Mimic Enables LC-MS Method Development Without Risk
Here we show how LC and MS methods may be optimized using a non-toxic surrogate of the ADC, an “ADC-mimic”, that behaves very similarly to the Cys-linked ADC Adcetris (Seattle Genetics).
Gouverneur Group – Professor Product Portal
One of the main research themes of the Gouverneur group is Fluorine Chemistry with an extensive research program aimed at developing novel synthetic methodologies for the preparation of fluorinated targets.
Tambar Group – Professor Product Portal
The Tambar Group has developed a series of reactions to convert unactivated olefins into value-added products (e.g., allylic amination, allylic alkylation).
Dong Group – Professor Product Portal
The Dong Lab focuses on the synthesis and application of main-group fluorides by studying the reactivity and transformation of those main-group fluorides into organic molecules, including new applications of sulfuryl fluoride chemistry; and new catalysts and process improvements for polysulfate
F&F Ingredients
Get your copy of the latest Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients Application Guide, which brings you accurate and descriptive application information on a select number of our products.
Vendrell Group – Professor Product Portal
Optical imaging has revolutionized our understanding of how biological systems behave at a molecular level. In our group we develop Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores (DYNAFLUORS) as chemical probes to image molecular events associated to inflammation and cancer.
Metrangolo Group – Professor Product Portal
Pierangelo Metrangolo Group has developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano spin-off company FluorIT Srl a novel contrast agent possessing excellent cellular compatibility, and whose spectral properties, relaxation times, and sensitivity are excellent for in vivo 19F-MRI applications.
Zhou Group – Professor Product Portal
Prof. Zhou's research group in Singapore is mainly interested in developing late metal-catalyzed reactions for fundamental C-C bond formation. Recently, they have solved several problems in palladium catalysis.
Iodine in Table Salt
Analytical Method: Iodine in table salt
HPLC Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMES) on SUPELCOSIL LC-18
Separation of Methyl decanoate; Methyl dodecanoate; Methyl myristate; Methyl palmitate; Methyl caprylate; Methyl oleate; Methyl linoleate; Methyl linolenate; Methyl stearate
Precast Agarose Gels
These gels are suitable for separating nucleic acids, giving sharp DNA bands and low background fluorescence.
Mila Emerald
A researcher based in Canada, Professor Dr. Mila Emerald has a distinguished background in nanotechnology and drug development – she told us how she got where she is today.
cOmplete™, EDTA-free Protocol
It is possible dissolve 1 tablet in 2 mL double dist. water (results in a 25x stock solution) without any problems.
Considerations for Upstream Biologic Development: White Paper Access
Thank you for your interest in our white paper. Please fill out the form below to download the PDF.
Ramis Arbi
Working in the field of photovoltaics, Ph.D. candidate Ramis Arbi tells us about the challenges of breaking free from fossil fuels.
Milli-Q® Water Purification Consumables
Thank you for your interest in the Milli-Q® consumables offering.
Christian Nwosu
At the University of Regina in Canada, Christian Nwosu is striving towards cheap and abundant hydrogen fuel – he tells us all about his methods and what inspires him.
Enzymatic Method for Determining Phenylalanine (Phenylalanine Assay)
Assay protocol for the fluorometric detection of Phenylalanine in biological samples using the phenylalanine assay kit.
Fahad Shafiq
Having recently completed his Ph.D., Dr. Fahad Shafiq is on a mission to boost crop productivity and feed our growing global population – here he tells us about his inspiration.
GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA/RNA Purification Sample Request
GenElute™-E Single Spin nucleic acid purification system eliminates the need for high salt binding and ethanol wash steps, yielding DNA and RNA preparations with fewer impurities for more robust results.
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