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We offer a full range of e-Commerce tools designed to enable greater spend control for your procurement staff, providing your researchers with ease of access to the products they’ve come to rely on.  

We have three solutions available to help you save time and cost in procurement management. Read further for more details of each solution, or fill out our contact form and our team will reach out to you to answer any questions.

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The One-to-One Solution: E-Procurement

e-Procurement provides seamless system-to-system connectivity of your existing spend management system, such as Jaggaer, Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Coupa and others to our business systems.

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The Customized Solution: Pipeline®

This customized service balances your organization’s business needs and requirements with the product requirements of your researchers by supporting various levels of procurement authorizations and approvals.

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The Simple Solution: Sigma-Aldrich E-Shop

Your procurement staff, researchers or any individual in your organization can access our high quality products simply, easily and securely through

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The One-to-One Solution: E-Procurement

Merck is your source for procurement optimization. If you are already using an electronic spend management solution, leverage your investment to generate even greater savings by automating MilliporeSigma purchases and link your current buying platform to us.

We support all major e-Procurement providers and have a dedicated technical team available to work with your organization or platform provider and install customized, scalable, all-in-one procurement solutions. e-Procurement offers efficiencies across the purchasing cycle, enabling product selection through e-Catalogs, both punchout or hosted file, accepting e-Purchase orders, sending electronic invoices, order confirmations, and advanced shipping notices, and more.

Three Steps to Install e-Procurement

  1. Create a Project Plan: We will partner with you to gather requirements, provide detailed analysis, then implement a project plan, complete with scoping and agreed-upon milestones
  2. Setup & Testing: We will work together through setup and testing, ensuring the processes are working end-to-end
  3. Launch and Go-Live Monitoring: After testing, establish a go-live date, and provide post go-live monitoring to ensure we’ve delivered a solution in line with your expectations

Benefits to e-Procurement

  1. Process efficiency from end-to-end driven by real-time data exchange, speed, and transaction efficiency.
  2. Cost Reduction vis reduced transaction costs and administrative overhead.
  3. A variety of spend analysis options and direct spend control.
  4. Automated transactions increase productivity through improved order handling accuracy, paperless invoicing, and faster procure-to-pay cycles.
  5. Global approach and management of scale, harmonized for all your sites.

The Customized Solution: Pipeline®

An advanced ordering process customized to meet your business needs. If the demands of your organization require a level of service beyond simple ordering through the Web, let PIPELINE® deliver for you. Not only do you get the options and benefits available through our public Web site, you gain the added benefits of your own direct, private connection to our internal order processing and fulfillment system. Flexible ordering processes are customized to meet your organization’s requirements.

When you create your order through PIPELINE®, you see the exact purchase total. In addition, it provides a portal to information and special offers that have been tailored specifically for your organization.

To learn more about creating your PIPELINE® experience, submit the form to have one of our team members reach out.

Benefits of PIPELINE®

  • Elimination of paper transactions
  • No IT investment required
  • Support of an assortment of procurement approval levels
  • Real-time product availability with contract pricing
  • Customized invoicing and payment
  • Streamlined reconciliation process

The Simple Solution: Sigma-Aldrich E-Shop

Your online order is integrated in real time with our fulfillment and delivery systems, so it can be picked, packed and shipped within minutes. Plus, you can request a quote, place an order and track a delivery from the comfort of your desk.

With independent data ranking as the most popular Web site in the industry,* you can rest assured you’re using the most competitive service to place your orders and request quotes.

*Alexa Internet, San Francisco, CA, a subsidiary of

To learn more about purchasing through, submit the form to have one of our team members reach out.

Benefits of the Sigma-Aldrich e-Shop:

  • Your information is safe and secure
  • Advanced tools and product searches
  • Account-specific pricing
  •  e-Quotes converted directly to orders

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