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pCOLADuet-1 DNA - Novagen®



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pCOLADuet-1 is designed for the coexpression of two target genes from a single plasmid. The vector encodes two multiple cloning sites (MCS) each of which is preceded by a T7 promoter, lac operator, and ribosome binding site (rbs). MCS-1 encodes the six-amino acid His•Tag sequence for the creation of a N-terminal fusion and MCS2 encodes the 15 amino acid S•Tag peptide after the last restriction site for the creation of a C-terminal fusion if desired. Genes inserted into MCS-1 can be sequenced using the ACYCDuetUP1 Primer and DuetDOWN1 Primer. Genes inserted into MCS-2 can be sequenced using the DuetUP2 Primer and T7 Terminator Primer. The vector has the COLA replicon from ColA(1) and the kanamycin resistance gene. This vector can be transformed into the same cell with plasmids containing compatible origins of replication and drug resistance genes for coexpression of up to eight target genes.

Commercial use of this Product requires a commercial license from EMD Millipore Corporation. Commercial use shall include but not be limited to (1) use of the Product or its components in manufacturing; (2) use of the Product or its components to provide a service, information, or data to others in exchange for consideration; (3) use of the Product or its components (or any derivatives thereof) for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes (including as part of a device, chip, assay or other product); or (4) resale of the Product or its components, whether or not such Product or its components are resold for use in research. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to represent or warrant that additional third party rights are not required for use of this Product.


10 μg in Glass bottle


Toxicity: Standard Handling (A)

Other Notes

1. Zverev, V. V. and Khmel, I. A. (1985) Plasmid14, 192–199.

Legal Information

NOVAGEN is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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12 - Non Combustible Liquids



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Not applicable

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Not applicable

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