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GenElute -E Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit

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General description

GenElute-E purification kits provide a simple alternative for viral RNA and DNA purification. Compared with traditionalmethods, GenElute-E offers:
  • Isolation of viral RNA and DNA in less than 30 minutes with minimal sample handling
  • Better purity, leading to improved performance in PCR and other applications
  • Significant reduction in plastic and hazardous chemical waste

Traditional silica-based, bind-wash-elute purification kits require multiple wash steps to remove impurities from the spin columns. These steps increase the risk of cross contamination, and subject the nucleic acids to centrifugation sheering forces.

GenElute-E kits employ size exclusion negative chromatography to separate large nucleic acid molecules from smaller protein, lipid, and ionic components in swab, cell, tissue, blood, and other samples. Single-spin columns efficiently absorb and retain cellular debris and sample contaminantswhile allowing nucleic acids to pass through, reducing the number of steps and plastic materials required for purification. This novel method for high-qualitypurification is made possible by our innovative SmartLyse® Buffer, which enables fast and efficient isolation.

Isolate nucleic acid in a fraction of time compared to traditional silica bind-wash-elute procedures. Simply prepare spin column, mix sample with lysis components, pipette sample onto the spin column, and centrifuge directly into a collection tube. Cellular debris and contaminants remain bound in the column to be discarded, while purified viral RNA and DNA is ready to be used in downstream applications or stored.


The GenElute-E Viral RNA/DNA Swab kit has been developed to purify genomic viral RNA and DNA from nasopharyngeal swabs, dry or in transport medium, in addition to genital swabs and stool samples.

The sample lysis utilizes the SmartLyse® Viral Buffer for fast and efficient isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of swab types and stool samples.

Purified viral RNA and DNA is eluted in Tris buffer, pH 7.8 and can immediately be used for most common downstream applications, including PCR, genotyping, NGS, and others. Final yield is comparable to most common silica-based methods. GenElute-E purified genomic DNA preparations commonly show an A260/280 ratio of around 1.8.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and efficient purification: no lysis incubation and minimal hands-on, preparation steps
  • Higher quality nucleic acids: negative chromotography-based purification reduces carryover of PCR inhibitors and other contaminents
  • Reduced environmental impact: 55% less plastic waste, as well as a significant reduction in hazardous chemicals


Suitable for most common downstream applications, including genotyping, PCR, and NGS

Other Notes

We believe that green chemistry will contribute to a better tomorrow. With a growing portfolio of greener alternatives, there are now more choices to reduce the ecological impact of your research while still delivering quality and efficacy so your results are not compromised.  The single-spin protocol limits the number of collection and pipetting steps, reducing plastic waste by 55% compared to equivalent bind-wash-elute methods. GenElute-E is designated a Greener Alternative Product based on the ""Prevention"" and ""Designing Safer Chemicals"" qualifications of The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.GenElute-E kits also adhere to the principles of SMASH Packaging, our global initiative to improve the sustainability through the reduction of packaging materials, the increased use of sustainable alternatives, and improved recyclability. Packaging is FCS-marked for sustainable forestry practices and produced from greater than 70% recycled content.

Legal Information

GenElute is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
SmartLyse is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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GenElute™-E DNA purification kits ensure accurate DNA quantitation and downstream enzymatic processes.

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