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Cell Culture Media & Buffers

It is a testament to Dulbecco, Eagle, Ringer and other pioneering physicians and scientists that the media formulations they developed are still widely in use today. Variations of these and other classical media have been refined in response to the need for physiologically-relevant environments for diverse mammalian cell cultures. Whether you're growing adherent suspension phenotypes, with or without FBS, need high- or low-glutamine, ready-to-use liquid or easy-to-store powder – you'll find just what you need for cell culture here. These media and salts, along with their components, have been qualified for cell culture applications, and are manufactured in our state-of-the art facilities.  

A vibrant image capturing a cluster of red grapes mid-splash against a striking yellow background, creating a lively and dynamic visual effect.
Bioprocessing Cell Culture Media

Our off-the-shelf and customizable bioprocessing cell culture media (CCM) products enhance productivity in upstream mAb, vaccine, gene/cell therapy processes.

A red liquid is being poured into a graduated Erlenmeyer flask, marked at 200, 300, and 500 milliliters, on a dark laboratory countertop.
Classical Media & Buffers

Cell culture media formulations have been optimized over decades of research in response to diverse cellular physiology. Select media such as DMEM, MEM, RPMI-1640, Ham’s F-10 & F-12 formulations, as well as serum-free solutions such as M199.

The image depicts a collection of small, transparent containers housing green plant seedlings on a metal grid shelf, with visible condensation indicating a humid environment.
Plant Culture Media

Plant culture media, such as Murashige and Skoog (MS media), Gamborg’s B5, and Phytamax™ Orchid Medium contain essential micronutrients, macronutrients, organics, vitamins, and plant growth regulators for plant culture of cells, organs, and tissues.

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