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Bioprocessing And Scale-Up Of Suspension HEK293 Cells For AAV Manufacturing
To address scalability challenges of AAV manufacturing, we developed an HEK293 suspension cell line that can be used across many serotypes. Get the data in this article.
Scalability Challenges of Viral Vector Manufacturing
Scaling up viral vector production using adherent cell culture systems is challenging. Learn how suspension cell culture systems benefit large-scale bioprocessing.
Development of a Novel Sf9 Rhabdovirus-Negative Cell Line (Sf-RVN®) and Companion Chemically Defined Medium
See how the Sf9 rhabdovirus-free cell line was developed and how we’ve developed a companion chemically-defined insect cell media for protein and viral expression.
Bioreactor Process Development and Scale-Up for Transient Transfection-Based Lentivirus Manufacturing in Suspension Cell Culture
A step-by-step overview of suspension-based, transient transfection bioreactor process development and scaleup of lentivirus production.
Lentivirus Platform: Optimizing Performance for De-Risked Production
Learn how the VirusExpress® lentivirus platform utilizes DoE experiments and supplementary studies to optimize workflows, enhance yield, and ensure quality in cell and gene therapies.
DNA/RNA Removal in Viral Production
Benzonase®endonuclease efficiently removes nucleic acid contaminants from viral production, crucial for cell and gene therapies and vaccines.
High Perf. Platforms for Lentiviral & AAV Mfg
Upstream gene therapy optimization maximizes viral vector titers; partner with technology experts for HEK293, HEK293T, and Sf9 cell solutions.
AAV Process Intensification Using High Salt Lysis and Salt Tolerant Endonuclease
This page describes key considerations for cell lysis and how the combination of a high salt concentration and a salt tolerant endonuclease can be used to increase vector titer and infectivity during AAV vector manufacturing.
Lentivirus Harvest Clarification Process for Cell & Gene
Explore lentivirus harvest clarification options for viral therapy production using suspension cell lines in manufacturing platform development.
Development of a Novel Cell Culture Medium for AAV Production With Multiple HEK293 Lineages and Process Optimization
Read our white paper on the development of a novel cell culture medium for AAV production with multiple HEK293 lineages and process optimization.
Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Upstream Processing for AAV and Lentivirus Platforms
Minimize the complexities of cell and gene therapy production. Switch to upstream viral vector platforms to enhance scalability and simplify GMP manufacturing.
Strategies for the Separation and Analysis of Empty and Filled Capsids During Viral Vector Production
Explore strategies for separating empty and filled capsids in viral vector production. Learn about upstream strategies and how trends in AAV capsid design impact purification.