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Screening Compounds: MyriaScreen Diversity Collection

The MyriaScreen Diversity Library II is comprised of 10,000 high-purity screening compounds, handpicked to maximize the chemical diversity while maintaining drug-like properties. The collection, produced in collaboration with TimTec is the result of careful evaluation, filtering, and refinement of selections from each of our screening compound collections.

About MyriaScreen Diversity Library II

The MyriaScreen Diversity Library II is the second generation of this popular screening library. MyriaScreen II includes approximately 5000 new screening compounds that replaced existing library members to insure lead follow up material is available

The MyriaScreen Design

With superior structural diversity and distinct drug-like properties, MyriaScreen was created by combining medicinal chemistry expertise and decades of experience in compound acquisitions from diverse sources. TimTec's proprietary software was used to pool of over 300,000 of our combined compounds on the basis of diversity. Additional filters were set to consider MW (approx. 120 - 500), cLogP, H-acceptor, H-donors, and rotatable bonds. Medicinal chemistry specialists refined the selection with great personal attention to remove compounds that were overly represented or not well suited for medicinal chemistry follow-up. MyriaScreen is rich in chemotypes and a valuable source of screening compounds for lead discovery.

The following charts illustrate key drug-like property distributions for samples contained within the MyriaScreen Diversity Library II:

Library Format Options

MyriaScreen samples are delivered as DMSO solution in a convenient predefined plate format. Detailed structure files and plate map are available for download upon request.

Stock solutions are available at 2mg/ml and 10 mMolar DMSO concentrations. Standard volume per well options includes 25 ul, 50ul, 100 ul, and 500 ul. Samples may be delivered in your labware or in standard 96 well screening plates or standard minitubes in racks available from TimTec. A 384 well format is also available for an additional plating fee.

Pricing, Quotations and Ordering

Please contact your local account representative or regional sales office for a price quotation. Please reference the MyriaScreen Library part number (T990000).

MyriaScreen was produced in collaboration with

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