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Functional genomics screening

アプリケーション:Functional genomics screening
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安定で長期的な遺伝子サイレンシングおよび表現型の変化を達成するための、MISSION shRNAレンチウイルス粒子の形質導入(トランスダクション)の詳細な手順
CRISPR Cas 9 Nuclease RNA-guided Genome Editing
Learn about CRISPR Cas9, what it is and how it works. CRISPR is a new, affordable genome editing tool enabling access to genome editing for all.
Antibiotic Optimization for Cell Transduction Using a Cytotoxicity Profile
Experimentally determine the appropriate antibiotic concentration for selecting stable cell lines. This titration protocol can determine the lowest concentration of puromycin needed to efficiently select transduced cells.
X-tremeGENE™ siRNA Transfection Reagent Protocol & Troubleshooting
X-tremeGENE™ siRNA Transfection Reagent Protocol & Troubleshooting
Lentiviral Production Using X-tremeGENE HP Transfection Reagent
Lentiviruses represent a powerful tool in research applications to transduce a wide range of cell types.
Lentiviral Transduction Protocol
Detailed procedure for how to perform a lentiviral transduction of MISSION shRNA lentiviral particles to achieve a stable long term silencing and phenotypic change.