LMO Ordering Instruction

1. List of LMO Products that can be Imported  (Click the title to download the list)​

The list of products will be updated to the website in the first week of every month, so don’t forget to check on a regular basis.​


2.  LMO Declaration Procedure​
​You can check the information about the LMO declaration procedure through the attached file. For detailed information about the import declaration process, please visit the website below ​

LMO register process​
- For Trail research LMO register forms​
- For Trail research LMO registration system (Tel: 1522-0982)​
If you wish to purchase LMO products, please download and fill out the documents below (“Safety Management Plan,” “LMO Usage Plan (for Research & Testing Purposes)”). ​

Then, send them via e-mail along with the order sheet. The import declaration process will take about 2 to 4 weeks. ​

If you have not made an order before, please contact our customer support team and we will help you on how to purchase our products.​

3. Lead time after placing an order​
It takes about 5-6 weeks after your order has been successfully placed and the documents required for the declaration/reporting of LMOs are properly submitted, assuming the overseas HQ has enough products in stock (1 week required for issuance of LMO import declaration confirmation letter + 4 weeks required for placing import order).​
4. Precautions (When making an order)​
Orders for LMO products are usually placed by clients who possesses their own LMO declaration facilities for a specific research project. Therefore, once we receive an order, we cannot sell the products to other customers/clients, meaning that the order CANNOT be cancelled after the order is placed. This is to inform you that you CANNOT cancel an order due to a simple remorse.​

5. Please refer to <FAQ> for related inquiries.​

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