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Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

Vaccine Research, Development, Manufacturing, and QC Resources

From discovery to manufacturing scalability, collaboration and expertise make all the difference

The expedient production of safe, effective vaccines has become one of the most compelling challenges in medicine and science. Vaccine developers need technical innovations along with reagents of consistently high quality, while biopharmaceutical manufacturers and organizations require a supplier who can ensure predictable scaleup, maximized downstream recovery, patient safety, and regulatory compliance, achieving process enhancements with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

As a global life science and technology company, we provide innovative products and services for research, development, manufacturing, formulation, and quality control of lifesaving vaccines. Our broad, differentiated portfolio enables the rapid development, scaleup, and delivery of vaccines using both new and established modalities.

We are dedicated to enhancing vaccine development times and success rates with comprehensive tools, innovation, and expertise:

  • Research and Development: Antigen discovery; mRNA and protein-based modality development; preclinical formulation and quality control; immunogenicity testing
  • Upstream Manufacturing: Cell culture media and feed; seed train; media and buffers; Mobius® single-use bioreactors, BioReliance® validation and testing services; virus filtration
  • Downstream Manufacturing: Harvest & clarification filters; nucleic acid digestion with Benzonase® endonuclease; capture and affinity chromatography; ultrafiltration & diafiltration; BioReliance® validation and testing services
  • Formulation: mRNA and vaccine formulation; GPM lipids; Emprove® Chemicals; sterile filters; Novaseptum® sterile sampling solutions
  • Analysis and Quality Control: Bioburden filtration and detection systems; sterility and pyrogen testing (MAT); airborne microbial monitoring; analytical chromatography and CRMs; Milli-Q® lab water systems

Discover how an experienced supplier with premier biology products and proven expertise is accelerating the global availability of mRNA vaccines and refining more established processes. Our collaborative global vaccine infrastructure takes your innovation from discovery to preclinical testing to full-scale GMP manufacturing efficiently, cost-effectively, and with compliance.

Explore One of Our Capabilities Below:


Expedient antigen discovery solutions accelerate the development of effective vaccines. Our comprehensive cell culture offering and cell lines for virus propagation — plus proven tools for viral collection and purification — help you determine and synthesize the right antigen for your vaccine, faster. Find state-of-the-art tools for PCR and whole genome amplification.


Vaccination with viral mRNA has demonstrated exceptional efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, and the mRNA modality has facilitated accelerated development of vaccines for critical response. mRNA vaccines can be produced relatively swiftly and cost-effectively, may present less risk to develop, and demonstrate efficacy for controlling spread of viral infection which may extrapolate to broader control of infectious disease.


Vaccines that consist of pathogen proteins, protein subunits, or peptides can induce a potent immunity. Our technical tools and high quality reagents for the production and purification of proteins and protein subunits enable the highest yields of the purest protein products.


Start with proven quality reagents to build the right formulation for your immunogen. Lipids have become critical for the formulation of vaccines, as mRNA-based vaccine antigens are encapsulated in lipids to protect their integrity during delivery. Adjuvants may be necessary to boost immune response, optimizing vaccine efficacy. Browse our high-quality lipids, adjuvants, solubility enhancers, and other excipients to ensure the safety and stability of your vaccine.


The safety of efficacious vaccines is determined in part by their purity and how well they are characterized. Our powerful, precision tools include multiplex panels for thorough evaluation of the immune response to get your candidate ready for preclinical assessment, and beyond.


When development is critical, the time available for realizing a vaccine’s potential is limited. Biopharma developers and manufacturers need to act quickly to get safe vaccines to market, while considering the impact of their upstream decisions. Smart decisions during upstream development pay off, as changing course downstream can be difficult, requiring significant resources and backtracking. Our upstream ecosystem ensures you get your process right—the first time.

Downstream Vaccine Manufacturing

Critical considerations for vaccine manufacture are those tools and processes that can increase production efficiency. We can help with purification, downstream recovery from scale-up to full-scale production, with an extensive range of filtration technologies, buffers, CIP solutions, stainless and single-use systems, integrated technologies, and validation services.

Please visit our Vaccine Manufacturing Process Development page for more information on our complete resources for vaccine manufacturers.


We offer a comprehensive process chemicals portfolio of excipients designed for high-risk applications. Our wide range of chemicals includes solvents, buffers, stabilizers, mineral salts, preservatives, and adjuvants, and are part of our Emprove® Program, which provides comprehensive regulatory documentation to simplify and accelerate regulatory filings. We offer top quality portfolio and custom lipids to meet specific needs.

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality synthetic mRNA, with an exceptionally reproducible process workflow that yields a final product with superior activity.


In times when vaccines are urgently needed, QC testing must be particularly swift and straightforward without compromising the dependability of results. Our extensive portfolio encompassing analytical chemistry, microbial testing, and labwater solutions enables faster results and helps to streamline workflow efficiencies.

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