Refrigerators & Freezers

B Medical Systems refrigeration enclosures and panels in various sizes, featuring blue labels.

Reliable laboratory equipment is essential for success in every modern research facility. We offer an assortment of balances, centrifugation, grinders, homogenizers, lab stirring, and mixing options for your science equipment and science lab tools needs. Additionally, we are proud partners and distributors of B Medical Systems refrigeration solutions. B Medical Systems refrigerators and freezers offer a range of cold storage options, including +5 °C, -41 °C/-32 °C, and -82 °C. Explore all our lab equipment options and discover how these premium solutions are suitable for researchers and scientists in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and research laboratories.   

Laboratory Refrigerators

B Medical Systems | L Range

Laboratory Refrigerators are devices intended for the safe storage of samples, specimens, cultures, and other laboratory preparations at cold temperatures between +4 °C and +15 °C with multiple safety features developed as a result of 40 years of expertise in refrigeration technology.

Laboratory Freezers

B Medical Systems | F Range

Laboratory Freezers are devices intended for the storage of laboratory products, samples, test materials, chemicals, or reagents at temperatures below -20 °C developed as a result of 40 years of expertise in refrigeration technology.

Ultra Low Freezers

B Medical Systems | U Range

Ultra Low Freezers are devices intended for the storage of blood components and blood plasma, human cells, tissues, and other laboratory samples at ultra-low temperatures down to -86 °C. U models reflect the highest and most uncompromising requirements with state-of-the-art technology and economy. The cooling system is optimally designed with respect to energy consumption as well as to the development of waste heat and noise. Standard factory setpoint is -82 °C, temperature is adjustable from -40 °C to -86 °C.

Transport Systems

B Medical Systems | MT Range

Transport Systems are devices intended for the safe transport of blood or other blood components. The model range MT consists of five passive transport systems. B Medical Systems transport systems are ideal for intensive use with many transport applications, even under difficult climatic conditions. MT models conform with the European agreement on the international transport of hazardous goods by Road (ADR), by Rail (RID), by sea (IMDG), and with International regulations for air transport (ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR).

For all passive transport boxes eutectic cooling systems are available as an option (-32 °C, +4 °C, +2 2°C and +37 °C)*.

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