Bottles of X-tremeGENE™ 360 Transfection Reagents

What is transfection? Transfection is the process of introducing genetic material, including DNA, RNA, and proteins, into eukaryotic cells for gene expression, gene knockdown, and many other applications. Transfection uses various physical, chemical, or biological methods and reagents to facilitate the transfer of the foreign material. Comparatively, bacterial transformation and viral transfection (viral transduction) are similar techniques that are suitable for transferring materials into different cell types for diverse downstream applications.

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Calcium Phosphate, Lipid and Polymer-based Transfection Reagents for Delivering DNA, siRNA, miRNA, and CRISPR/Cas Components

The introduction of plasmid DNA or RNA into mammalian and insect cells has become routine in research labs. High-efficiency transfection in nearly any cell type can be achieved thanks to the wide variety of reagents that are currently available. We cover a variety of popular transfection reagents, including our Escort™ lipid reagents, NeuroPorter™ neuronal-specific reagent, X-tremeGENE™, and Genejuice transfection reagents. For help selecting the right reagent for your cells, explore our wide selection of transfection reagents within the product selection table or our Molecular Cloning and Protein Expression resource page for related products. 

X-tremeGENE™ Roche Transfection Reagents

With a joint commitment to enable your next discovery, we exclusively offer the complete portfolio of Roche X-tremeGENE™ transfection reagents. Roche, X-tremeGENE™, transfection reagents provide efficient delivery of DNA, siRNA, miRNA, and CRISPR/Cas9 components for common and difficult-to-transfect cell lines. The X-tremeGENE™ products are easy to optimize for your application needs and produce minimal toxicity.

Explore the X-tremeGENE™ Transfection Reagents General Recommendations guide to compare products.

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