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Reverse Phase/Normal Phase Chromatography Resins

Two bottles of PharmPrep® silica sorbent used in purification of peptides and small proteins, one smaller for laboratory-scale applications and one larger for industrial-scale use, both with blue labels detailing their suitability for various separation requirements in manufacturing processes.

Our silica gel chromatography sorbents and gels offer a wide range of choices depending on your separation requirements: whether you need excellent reproducibility and optimal resolution, or a more economic and versatile material, our normal-phase and reverse-phase products include silica gel products for all manufacturing scales.

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    PharmPrep™ P Sorbent is a new silica sorbent with spherical particles available in two sizes: 10 and 20 µm. It is designed for the polishing step of peptides, biopharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical APIs. Produced by spray drying, it ensures consistent batch-to-batch purification and regulatory compliance.

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    Preparative chromatography efficiently purifies valuable compounds, delivering high purity levels rapidly and economically. Our surface-modified silica sorbents, like LiChroprep®, are designed to meet specific manufacturing needs and offer good separation performance and stability at a reasonable cost.

Reversed phase chromatography sorbents

PharmPrep® P RP sorbent is used for efficient polishing of small peptides like insulin and other APIs, including antibiotics and hormones. These sorbents are also available in prepacked stainless-steel columns.
LiChroprep® RP sorbents provide fast, effective, reproducible separation of peptide purification processes.

Normal-phase chromatography sorbents

Our PharmPrep® P Si and LiChroprep® Si products are well-suited for cost-effective, reliable polishing of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs.

Standardized silica gels

Our standardized silica gels are widely used to purify high-value compounds in ton quantities. These silica gels are produced for adsorption and chromatography processes and are available in multiple particle sizes, and pack sizes from 500 g to 400 kg.

Silica Gel 60 is an irregularly shaped silica gel matrix ideal for simple adsorption processes and normal-phase chromatography.

Multifunctional sorbents

Aluminum oxide, available with pore diameters of 6 mm, 9 mm, and 15 mm, is a versatile sorbent for preparative chromatography. Aluminum oxide exhibits higher pH-stability than silica gel, especially in the alkaline range.

Standardized Aluminum Oxide 90 is a sorbent of medium polarity and is frequently used when the cation exchange properties of basic alumina are required. It may be used as an alternative to activated carbon.

Florisil® silicate is a polar, highly selective magnesium silicate gel, well-suited for separation of steroids, alkaloids, and antibiotics.

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