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Simplify your Semi-Solid Formulations

“A visual representation of enzyme-assisted cell detachment, depicted by a single droplet of liquid enzyme on a purple surface, symbolizing the precision and purity required in the process of separating cells using enzymes such as trypsin, collagenase, papain, nucleases, hyaluronidase, elastase, and protease XIV in biological research.

High-quality pharma raw materials backed with global regulatory support

Finding the right excipient that matches your needs as well as regulatory demands can be a complicated challenge in semi-solid formulation. Our excipients for semi-solid dosage forms support rapid formulation and easy local application as well as regulatory compliance of ointments, creams, gels, suppositories, and patches.

We offer a comprehensive range of products globally. By choosing our high-quality raw materials, you will not only benefit from our Emprove® Program, but also from our regulatory know-how and global support, enabling you to bring your product to market faster and reduce regulatory risks.

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Penetration Enhancers: Urea & DMSO

To increase the bioavailability of your transdermal applications, we offer a range of high-quality products, produced in accordance with applicable GMP guidelines.


  • The only API grade urea on the market with CEP and DMF
  • Meets regulatory requirements according to ICHQ7 GMP guidelines; complies with Ph Eur, BP, and USP
  • Includes microbiological and melamine testing
  • Emprove® Expert grade to meet your requirements for high-risk applications


  • Complies with Ph Eur, USP and ChP and fulfills IPEC-PQG GMP guidelines
  • Includes microbiological and endotoxin testing
  • Emprove® Expert grade to meet your requirements for high-risk applications

Polymers for Topical & Transdermal Formulations: PVA & PEG

The raw materials’ ability to topically deliver a wide variety of drug molecules makes them ideal carriers, helping you make the most out of your semi-solid formulations.

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a synthetic polymer that can be used as a major component of and matrix material for semi-solid formulations. It is typically applied in topical creams, gels, and also in transdermal patches.

Our portfolio offers a wide range of PVA grades of different viscosities, molecular weights, and degrees of hydrolysis. This way, we can provide you with a high quality product with just the right properties you need for your specific application. Additional application of PVA beyond topical and transdermal formulations include ophthalmics and oral solid dosage forms.

Polyethylene Glycol

Polyethylene glycols (PEGs) are widely used in creams and ointments and also serve as a suppository base. PEGs are non-volatile, have an outstanding safety profile and very broad range of applications.

The consistency of semi-solid preparations can be easily defined and adjusted by mixing liquid, low molecular weight PEGs with solid or paste PEGs of a higher molecular weight. Blending PEGs in this way is supported as solid PEGs are not soluble in liquid PEGs; never theless, such preparations have excellent solubility and good dissolution behavior in water.


  • Broad range of PVA and PEG types for multiple application needs
  • Multi-compendial material
  • Emprove® Program and documentation
  • Additional PVA specifications surpassing compendial requirements to support patient safety and good tolerability

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