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Recombinant/Fusion Tag Protein Purification

Recombinant protein purification by tag-specific affinity chromatography is a proven technology that results in highly specific recognition and purification of recombinant proteins. The expression, purification, and detection of recombinant proteins can be a lengthy and time-consuming endeavor. Depending on the protein of interest and expression system, protein tags may be added to improve the outcome of common steps including protein solubility during expression, purification by affinity chromatography, or immunodetection following isolation and purification. We offer affinity columns and resins for multiple fusion tags in numerous formats, including magnetic beads, packed columns, and agarose resin slurries, ensuring we have products for all various scales and applications.  

Cytiva™ Amersham Chromatography Columns and Media

A wide range of Cytiva™ Amersham chromatography media is available to purify proteins using either manual or automated methods. Prepacked formats include gravity columns, spin columns, 96-well plates, and prepacked columns for use with automated chromatography systems.

  • His-tagged proteins: Fast and convenient histidine-tagged recombinant protein purification using immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC). Ni Sepharose media are precharged with nickel ions (Ni2+); TALON® Superflow™ medium is precharged with cobalt ions (Co2+).
  • GST-tagged proteins: Glutathione Sepharose chromatography media are available in lab packs, prepacked GSTrap and GSPrep columns, and 96-well plates. GST Purification Modules are offered for purification of bacterial lysates. GST SpinTrap modules includes prepacked Glutathione Sepharose 4B SpinTrap columns as well as the buffers needed for purification. RediPack GST Purification Modules include gravity flow columns and buffer.
  • Strep-tag™ II-tagged proteinsStrep-tag II binds specifically to StrepTactin™ Sepharose High Performance resin, which has StrepTactin ligand immobilized on a Sepharose base matrix to yield pure target protein.
  • MBP-tagged proteins: Dextrin Sepharose High Performance chromatography medium purifies recombinant proteins tagged with maltose binding protein (MBP). 

Agarose Beads and Affinity Gels

Agarose beads and affinity gels enable fusion-tagged protein purification using ligands cross-linked to beaded agarose. Good for small to large scale purification under native, denaturing, or mildly reducing conditions, these resins are suitable for gravity flow column purification, low-speed centrifugation in batch processing, and low-pressure chromatography procedures as the beads and gels are designed for lower pressures. EZview™ affinity gels incorporate a red dye that allows the user to easily differentiate pellet from supernatant, resulting in less protein loss during batch purification. Immunoprecipitation kits include affinity gels, mini-spin columns, and lysis reagent and are specially designed to allow maximal recovery of proteins from immunoprecipitates.

Superflow Agarose and High-flow Affinity Gels

Superflow agarose and High-flow affinity gels use highly crosslinked agarose beads that can withstand higher pressures compared to standard agarose bead resins. This makes these resins suitable for fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) purification methods. Superflow agarose and high-flow affinity gels are recommended for medium to large scale purification.

Magnetic Beads

Magnetic beads are used to purify recombinant fusion tagged protein using a magnetic rack or platform to separate beads from wash and elution fractions. This procedure allows for rapid processing under native or denaturing conditions within seconds, and is suitable for low throughput using single microfuge tubes or higher throughput using 96-well plates and automation.

BugBuster® Purification Kits

BugBuster® purification kits combine affinity resin, wash buffers, elution buffers, and extraction reagent for convenient preparation of soluble cell extracts and affinity purification of tagged fusion proteins from E. coli.

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