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Serum Cross Reference Tables

Use the cross reference tables below to determine which of our products will be right for you.

Fetal Bovine Serum processed by Merck is triple 0.1µm filtered.

Thermo Fisher/ Gibco Comparison Table

Hyclone Comparison Table

*possible alternative, F4135 is USA origin

Corning/Mediatech Comparison Table

Atlanta Biologicals by R & D Systems Comparison Table

*Sigma-Aldrich® brand is made-to-order
**Sigma-Aldrich® brand offered in 20ML unit

Gemini Bio-Products Comparison Table

*Sigma-Aldrich® brand is made-to-order

Atlas Biologicals Comparison Table

*Sigma-Aldrich® brand offered in 100ML unit

Omega Scientific, inc Comparison Table

*Sigma-Aldrich® brand is made-to-order

Peak Serum, Inc Comparison Table

*Heat Inactivated version (HI)
**Gamma Irradiated version (GI or γ-irradiated)
***Sigma-Aldrich® brand also offered in a 100ML unit
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