Retrosynthesis Software

Pioneer Pathway Discovery

SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software draws from a profound chemical abstracts database of advanced organic synthesis rules and algorithms to quickly identify viable synthesis pathways and successfully synthesize target molecules.

  • Accelerate the rate of pathway discovery from weeks to minutes
  • Explore the most cost-effective routes to chemical targets from commercial starting materials or custom inventory
  • Generate new ideas and intellectual property for drug discovery

Custom ​Inventory Integration

SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software can now accelerate your research even more by allowing you to plan pathways back to proprietary inventory, not just to commercially available building blocks.

Save time:

  • Find shorter, more efficient synthesis pathways that are specific to bench stock and research requirements​

Start immediately: ​

  • Use compounds already on the shelf instead of ordering and waiting for chemicals​

Generate unique intellectual property:

  • Pursue distinct pathways ​
  • Information can be uploaded and updated (encrypted) in real-time as often as needed​

licensing packages that suit your needs

We offer customizable floating license packages and comprehensive service support for this retrosynthetic planning software. Custom quotations are also available upon request.

Experience How Retrosynthesis Software
Can Augment Your Expertise

Engineered by organic chemists and computer scientists over the course of 15 years, first as Chematica, now known as SYNTHIA™, our retrosynthesis planning tool has been validated on the bench, resulting in proven reaction path optimization. Read more about how SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software is supporting in pioneering organic synthesis research.