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Erick Carreira

Professor Erick M. Carreira

The Carreira Research Group is focused on expanding and creating access to uncharted landscape in chemical space. In joint efforts with SpiroChem, Carreira develops innovative spirocyclic building blocks, seeking to make them available to the community at large. Molecules constructed from these building blocks take on unique three-dimensional profiles due to the underlying spirocyclic scaffold, enriched by the presence of diverse combinations of exit vectors as sites for functionalization. Importantly, the spirocyclic building blocks possess physicochemical properties useful in the drug discovery process. Thus, drug leads can be tuned through appending these subunits to the periphery of a given scaffold. Moreover, these compact modules represent a useful collection of unprecedented inputs for fragment-based libraries. In all applications, the inherent novelty of the structure affords researchers new opportunities to run wild in their designs and avenues to chemical space – with their imagination as the sole limitations. We are proud to partner in the efforts to make these building blocks widely available.

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Recent papers from the Carreira Group

Carreira EM, Fessard TC. 2014. Four-Membered Ring-Containing Spirocycles: Synthetic Strategies and Opportunities. Chem. Rev.. 114(16):8257-8322.
Li DB, Rogers-Evans M, Carreira EM. 2013. Construction of Multifunctional Modules for Drug Discovery: Synthesis of Novel Thia/Oxa-Azaspiro[3.4]octanes. Org. Lett.. 15(18):4766-4769.
Burkhard JA, Guérot C, Knust H, Carreira EM. 2012. Expanding the Azaspiro[3.3]heptane Family: Synthesis of Novel Highly Functionalized Building Blocks. Org. Lett.. 14(1):66-69.
Paquin J, Defieber C, Stephenson CRJ, Carreira EM. 2005. Asymmetric Synthesis of 3,3-Diarylpropanals with Chiral Diene?Rhodium Catalysts. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 127(31):10850-10851.
Products available in collaboration with Professor Dr. Carreira and SpiroChem


  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry

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