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Total Nitrogen Test Kits


What Does it Cover?

Currently the US EPA has not promulgated a method for the analysis of Total Nitrogen (TN). Most states that have TN regulations require permitee's to measure TN as the composite of TKN, Nitrate and Nitrite and Ammonia. This approach is costly, time consuming, and also susceptible to variability based on the methods used for the individual analytes. We are excited to announce the introduction of a Total Nitrogen Test Method consisting of a single spectrophotometric test kit. The method has been evaluated in a multilab study and this webinar will present the results of that study as well as an overview of the savings made possible by utilizing this new method for testing Total Nitrogen.

What Will You Learn?

  • Review of current methods for Total Nitrogen measurement
  • Issues faced in the State of Iowa for Total Nitrogen Testing
  • Introduction to a new Total Nitrogen test by MilliporeSigma and the results of a multi-lab validation study performed by Askew Scientific
  • Status of method with IDNR

Who Should Watch?

Anyone involved in wastewater testing labs, including both municipal and industrial sites, focusing on maintaining compliance with state regulations.


Taylor Reynolds

Taylor Reynolds


Environmental & Energy Marketing

Taylor Reynolds is the Program Marketing Manager for Environmental Testing. Taylor has worked in the water and wastewater treatment and testing industry for over 10 years, focusing on products related to biological treatment, nutrient removal, disinfection, and testing. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Ed Askew

Ed Askew

Askew Scientific


Since 1995, Dr. Askew has managed two different wastewater laboratories in Iowa and a drinking water/surface water laboratory in New Mexico. In 2008, at the request of engineering consultants and environmental lawyers, Dr. Askew became a consultant focusing on environmental projects in the water and wastewater arena. These projects have included watershed characterization, wastewater plant pollutant limits and regulatory compliance issues. Dr. Askew is a past committee member of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater having served as the Part Coordinator for Part 4000 for 14 years. Part 4000 contains the colorimetric, electrochemical and other analytical techniques for inorganic chemical in water and wastewater. Dr. Askew has received the Archie Greenberg award for service to this organization.

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