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EnPresso® B

Growth system for expressing protein in bacteria

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General description

Enpresso B by BioSilta Oy

Biochem/physiol Actions

EnPresso® B is a pre-sterilized growth system designed to increase the yield of functional protein from E. coli-based expression systems.

EnPresso® growth systems provide optimal conditions for growth, metabolism and protein expression in microbial cultures. Protein yields are increased by enabling cultures to reach far higher cell densities than those achieved using conventional media. By controlling growth rate and metabolism, a greater proportion of expressed protein can be correctly folded to improve solubility, minimize the risk of inclusion body formation, and ensure functionality of the final product.

EnPresso® growth systems maintain pH, provide adequate minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support growth, and use proprietary EnBase technology to ensure a constant, slow release of glucose from a polysaccharide substrate.

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Physical form

EnPresso® B is supplied in a kit providing sufficient reagents for 20 separate 50 ml cultures. Included in the kit:
40 tablets in 20 white bags
20 tablets in 20 black bags
1 bottle (5 ml) Reagent A

Legal Information

EnBase is a trademark of BioSilta Oy
EnPresso is a registered trademark of BioSilta Oy

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