Oxides & Ceramics

High-purity oxides and ceramics used in the production of lightweight, high-performance semiconductors and high-temperature thermal and electrical insulation applications.

Oxides are solid materials that consist of a cation and anion and can be composed of numerous elements including alkaline earth, transition and rare earth metals. Functional oxides have tunable physiochemical properties that can be used in energy materials. They are abundant and stable and are used in materials such as glass and ceramics.  Ceramics are inorganic materials, comprised of metal or non-metal compounds. Ceramics encompass a wide range of structures from amorphous to polycrystalline or even single crystals. Since they are nonmetallic, they are usually electrically nonconductive or wide band-gap semiconductors but can be doped to be used as semiconductors. Ceramics exhibit excellent thermal stability at high temperatures.    

Our manufacturing facility in Urbana, Illinois, USA is a Materials Chemistry Center of Excellence for the production of high purity oxides used in a wide variety of applications ranging from high technology to ceramics. Our capabilities include several specialized synthesis and purification techniques, resulting in our ability to consistently supply oxides of trace metal purities ranging from 3N (99.9%) to 5N (99.999%). Several of our ultra-pure oxide products are offered in discrete particle size ranges for custom applications.

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