Our broad range of GMP products covers pharmaceutical raw materials for the development and manufacturing of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules.

Explore our portfolio of excipients, offering a variety of functionalities and solutions for common formulation challenges such as solubility enhancement, controlled release, stabilization of the active ingredient as well as synthetic lipids for the formulation of novel modalities.

Speed up your raw material qualification process and benefit from our application know-how and regulatory support consisting of the comprehensive Emprove® Dossier Library.

Explore one of our Formulation areas below:

Liquid Formulation

Injectable liquid formulation
Excipients for Liquid Dosage Forms

As your ideal partner for liquid dosage formulation, we provide excipients for both small molecule and large molecule formulations, as well as for liquid formulations targeting different administration routes such as ophthalmics, nasal, parenteral, oral, and otic preparations.

Biomolecule Formulation

A wide range of buffers, salts and stabilizers low in bioburden and endotoxins, specifically developed for high-risk biopharmaceutical applications.

Granulated Materials

Free-flowing and easy to handle granulated raw materials with reduced caking and clumping behavior to increase process efficiency.

Injectables & Parenteral Formulations

High-quality, pure, and reliable raw material solutions minimizing the risk throughout your process to yield a safe product. 

Protein Stabilizers

High-quality sugars, polyols, amino acids, and surfactants to prevent aggregation during biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Synthetic Lipids

Tailored manufacturing of top-quality, GMP lipids including a portfolio of synthetic lipids with improved stability, solubility and handling characteristics.

Viscosity Reduction Platform

Excipient combinations reducing viscosity more efficiently while maintaining protein stability to increase protein biologic target concentration. 

Solid Formulation

Newly produced tablets held in the gloved hands of a pharmaceutical worker
Excipients for Solid Dosage Forms

Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality raw materials and functionalized excipients helps you meet the challenges of solid formulation pharmaceutical manufacturing, backed by regulatory support for simplified supplier qualification, accelerated processes, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Semisolid Formulation

Semi-solid formulations.
Excipients for Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

Draw on our high-quality pharma raw materials supporting rapid formulation of semi-solid dosage forms, e.g. for topical administration and transdermal drug delivery, backed by global regulatory know-how that enables you to bring your product to market faster.

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