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Ramesh K Wali et al.
International journal of oncology, 45(3), 1209-1215 (2014-06-13)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been shown to be reliable early biomarkers in a variety of cancers including that of lung. We ascertained whether the biomarker potential of miRNAs could be validated in microscopically normal and easily accessible buccal epithelial brushings from
Le T Lu et al.
Nanoscale, 7(46), 19596-19610 (2015-11-07)
In our present work, magnetic cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) nanoparticles have been successfully synthesised by thermal decomposition of Fe(III) and Co(II) acetylacetonate compounds in organic solvents in the presence of oleic acid (OA)/ oleylamine (OLA) as surfactants and 1,2-hexadecanediol (HDD) or
Liang-Tzung Lin et al.
BioMed research international, 2015, 415269-415269 (2015-11-12)
Taiwanofungus camphoratus (synonym Antrodia camphorata) is a widely used medicinal fungus in the folk medicine of Taiwan with several pharmacological features such as anti-inflammatory, liver protection, antihypertensive, and antioxidative activities. The ethanolic extract of T. camphoratus (TCEE) which contains abundant
Shashi Ravi Suman Rudrangi et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 479(2), 381-390 (2015-01-13)
The main objective of this study was to investigate different manufacturing processes claimed to promote inclusion complexation between indomethacin and cyclodextrins in order to enhance the apparent solubility and dissolution properties of indomethacin. Especially, the effectiveness of supercritical carbon dioxide
Christine Burkard et al.
PLoS pathogens, 10(11), e1004502-e1004502 (2014-11-07)
Enveloped viruses need to fuse with a host cell membrane in order to deliver their genome into the host cell. While some viruses fuse with the plasma membrane, many viruses are endocytosed prior to fusion. Specific cues in the endosomal
Priyanka Dutta et al.
Gene expression patterns : GEP, 19(1-2), 52-59 (2015-08-15)
Formins are highly conserved heterogeneous family of proteins with several isoforms having significant contribution in multiple cellular functions. Formins play crucial role in remodelling of actin cytoskeleton and thus play important role in cell motility. Formins are also involved in
François Vromman et al.
PloS one, 9(6), e99197-e99197 (2014-06-10)
Chlamydiae are obligate intracellular bacteria. These pathogens develop inside host cells through a biphasic cycle alternating between two morphologically distinct forms, the infectious elementary body and the replicative reticulate body. Recently, C. trachomatis strains stably expressing fluorescent proteins were obtained.
D E Korzhevskiĭ et al.
Morfologiia (Saint Petersburg, Russia), 143(2), 81-85 (2013-08-01)
The paper presents an analysis of authors' results obtained using fixation of various tissues in zink-ethanol-formaldehyde (ZEF). It was found that fixation in ZEF, in comparison with other methods of fixation, allowed to achieve higher sensitivity of immunocytochemical reaction for
Dikshya Bastakoty et al.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 29(12), 4881-4892 (2015-08-14)
Wound healing in mammals is a fibrotic process. The mechanisms driving fibrotic (as opposed to regenerative) repair are poorly understood. Herein we report that therapeutic Wnt inhibition with topical application of small-molecule Wnt inhibitors can reduce fibrosis and promote regenerative
Agustina Portu et al.
Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine, 105, 35-39 (2015-10-11)
An inter-comparison of three boron determination techniques was carried out between laboratories from INFN-University of Pavia (Italy) and CNEA (Argentina): alpha spectrometry (alpha-spect), neutron capture radiography (NCR) and quantitative autoradiography (QTA). Samples of different nature were analysed: liquid standards, liver
Maximilian Zeller et al.
PloS one, 10(12), e0143244-e0143244 (2015-12-03)
Honeybees are known for their ability to use the sun's azimuth and the sky's polarization pattern for spatial orientation. Sky compass orientation in bees has been extensively studied at the behavioral level but our knowledge about the underlying neuronal systems
Flávia Danniele F Machado et al.
Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. C, Journal of biosciences, 68(3-4), 97-107 (2013-07-04)
This study investigates the gastroprotective effect of a crude ethanolic extract of Neoglaziovia variegata (Arruda) Mez (Bromeliaceae), designated Nv-EtOH, in experimental models of gastric ulcer. In the ethanol-induced gastric ulcer model, Nv-EtOH showed gastroprotection at doses of 200 and 400
Rahul Bhattacharjee et al.
Biology of reproduction, 92(3), 65-65 (2015-01-09)
The signaling enzyme glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3) exists as two isoforms-GSK3A and GSK3B. Protein phosphorylation by GSK3 has important signaling roles in several cells. In our past work, we found that both isoforms of GSK3 are present in mouse
M Sousa et al.
Zygote (Cambridge, England), 23(1), 145-157 (2013-09-03)
Human oocyte dysmorphisms attain a large proportion of retrieved oocytes from assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment cycles. Extracytoplasmic defects involve abnormal morphology of the zona pellucida (ZP), perivitelline space and first polar body. The aim of the present study was
Tomoo Nakagawa et al.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 38(11), 1681-1688 (2015-11-03)
Irsogladine maleate (2,4-diamino-6-[2,5-dichlorophenyl]-s-triazine maleate; IM), an anti-peptic ulcer drug, may have a protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa. This study investigated the effects of IM on spontaneous colitis in interleukin-10 gene-deficient (IL-10(-/-)) mice. Five-week-old IL-10(-/-) mice were fed a control
Ute Schütte et al.
Translational oncology, 7(2), 309-321 (2014-06-11)
Recent work has identified dysfunctional Hippo signaling to be involved in maintenance and progression of various human cancers, although data on clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) have been limited. Here, we provide evidence implicating aberrant Hippo signaling in ccRCC
Carlos Areche et al.
Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 12(33), 6406-6413 (2014-07-11)
Four new mulinane-type diterpenoids besides the known compounds mulin-11,13-dien-20-oic acid, 13α-hydroxyazorellane, 13β-hydroxyazorellane, mulinolic acid, azorellanol, and mulin-11,13-dien-18-acetoxy-16,20-dioic acid were isolated from the Chilean plant Azorella trifurcata. One of the new metabolites isolated, 7α-acetoxy-9-epi-13β-hydroxymulinane, possesses a new trans-syn-trans arrangement in a
Valdicley V Vale et al.
Malaria journal, 14, 132-132 (2015-04-19)
Plasmodium falciparum has become resistant to some of the available drugs. Several plant species are used for the treatment of malaria, such as Himatanthus articulatus in parts of Brazil. The present paper reports the phyto-chemistry, the anti-plasmodial and anti-malarial activity
Jay M Bolnick et al.
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 38(6), 1646-1653 (2014-06-04)
Apoptosis is induced by ethanol (EtOH) in human placental trophoblast cells, possibly disrupting placentation and contributing to intrauterine growth restriction in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). EtOH induces programmed cell death in several embryonic tissues by raising intracellular Ca(2+) .
Si Hui Tan et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(49), E5262-E5271 (2014-11-26)
Wnt signaling is a critical regulator of bone development, but the identity and role of the Wnt-producing cells are still unclear. We addressed these questions through in situ hybridization, lineage tracing, and genetic experiments. First, we surveyed the expression of
Glenn T Konopaske et al.
JAMA psychiatry, 71(12), 1323-1331 (2014-10-02)
Prior studies have demonstrated reduced dendritic spine density in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in schizophrenia. However, it remains unclear how generalizable this finding is in schizophrenia and if it is seen in bipolar disorder, a historically distinct psychiatric condition.
Oscar Cordero-Llana et al.
Experimental neurology, 256, 93-104 (2014-04-15)
Galanin is a pleiotropic neuropeptide widely expressed in the nervous system. It plays a role in many diverse physiological functions - including nociception, cognition and metabolism regulation - and acts as neurotrophic/neuroprotective factor for several neuronal populations. In this article
Hyun-Jin Tae et al.
Chinese medical journal, 127(21), 3758-3763 (2014-11-11)
Oenanthe javanica is an aquatic perennial herb originated from East Asia. Nowadays, the effects of Oenanthe javanica have been proven in various disease models. Studies regarding the antioxidant effect of Oenanthe javanica in the kidney are still unclear. This study
Hua Wang et al.
Experimental and molecular pathology, 97(2), 191-201 (2014-07-19)
Jun activation domain-binding protein 1 (Jab1) was overexpressed in breast cancer, which was involved in degradation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27(Kip1). The objective of this study was to examine the effect of brain specific kinase 1 (BRSK1) expression on
Sandra Sanchez-Roige et al.
Psychopharmacology, 232(8), 1483-1492 (2014-11-09)
Recent evidence has implicated the opioid system in exaggerated ethanol consumption and impulsivity deficits. The opioid receptor antagonist naltrexone (NTX) has proven efficient in reducing alcohol consumption; however, its role on impulsive behaviour is not fully characterised. The aim of
Linlin Yang et al.
Medical oncology (Northwood, London, England), 32(4), 128-128 (2015-03-22)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the malignant tumors and leads to the highly death in the solid tumors, but its mechanism remains unclear. KPNβ1 is one of the soluble nuclear transport receptors, has been reported to act as an
Ida Fredriksson et al.
Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, 40(5), 1130-1140 (2014-11-02)
One of the main treatment challenges in alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the high rate of craving in combination with decreased cognitive functioning including impaired decision making and impulse control that often lead to relapse. Recent studies show that guanfacine
Ju-Young Kim et al.
Drug development and industrial pharmacy, 41(2), 292-299 (2013-11-21)
The purpose of the present study was to prepare desmopressin orally disintegrating microparticles (ODMs) using organic-aqueous crossover coating process which featured an organic sub-coating followed by an aqueous active coating. Sucrose beads and hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) were used as inert
M Koczywas et al.
British journal of cancer, 111(12), 2268-2274 (2014-10-29)
Eribulin mesylate is a synthetic macrocyclic ketone analogue of Halichondrin B that has demonstrated high antitumor activity in preclinical and clinical settings. This phase I study aimed to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD), dose-limiting toxicities (DLTs), and pharmacokinetics in
Jing Yu et al.
Molecular medicine reports, 11(2), 1049-1056 (2014-11-06)
Patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) are at increased risk of developing colitis‑associated colon cancer. Previous studies have indicated that interleukin (IL)‑21, which is predominantly secreted by follicular T helper (Tfh) cells, is overproduced in inflammatory bowel diseases. In order to
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