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BioTek® Microplate Washers: Multiplexing Plate and Bead Washers

To complete our multiplex assay solutions, we complement our portfolio of MILLIPLEX® multiplex kits, instruments, software, and service with BioTek® microplate washers, handheld magnetic separation blocks, and MultiScreen®HTS vacuum manifolds. Explore the advantages of adding these to your multiplex workflow below.

BioTek® Microplate Multiflo™ FX Automated Washer

The MultiFlo™ FX microplate washer is an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for 6- to 1,536-well microplates offering unique Parallel Dispense™ technology from BioTek® equipment. This allows you to dispense up to four independent reagents in parallel without potential carryover. The system offers either the RAD™ technology for random access dispensing to 6- to 384-well plates, or a wash module for 6- to 384-well plate washing—either option replaces up to five liquid handlers. Plus, get fast, intuitive programming and operation via the color touchscreen user interface.

Image of the BioTek® Microplate MultiFlo™ FX Automated Washer (Cat. No. 40-099) which offers an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for microplates and a color touchscreen user interface.

Figure 1.The MultiFlo™ FX microplate washer, an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for microplates.

MultiFlo™ FX Advantages:

The MultiFlo™ FX Automated Washer is the perfect instrument for MILLIPLEX® 384-well multiplex assays:

  • Fully automated process: load standards, QCs, and incubated samples and walk away
  • Optimized for both 384- and 96-well plates
  • The performance of a larger robot for a fraction of the cost
  • Self-contained, programmable washer enables precise fluidic delivery ensuring complete control while washing 96-well and 384-well assay plates

BioTek® Microplate Washers For 96-Well Biomagnetic Separation

In partnership with BioTek® instruments, we offer the latest advancements in multiplex washing - a fully automated system designed to quickly wash an entire plate through magnetic separation and washing. This includes the BioTek® 405™ TS Magnetic 96-Well Washer for magnetic beads. Vacuum filtration accessories can be purchased along with the washer to run filter plates. This model now offers a touch screen and built-in ultrasonic manifold tube cleaning.

BioTek® Plate Washer Advantages:

  • Fast and hands-free full plate washing
  • MILLIPLEX® assay and Luminex® xMAP® platform approved
  • High-energy neodymium iron boron magnets for rapid separation of multiplex assay beads with superior retention
  • 405™ TS models have a state-of-the-art, high resolution, LED-backlit touch screen user interface for intuitive and flexible control of the instrument
  • 405™ TS models include the built-in Ultrasonic Advantage™ manifold tube cleaning system, making them a completely self-maintaining microplate washer

BioTek® Washer Features:

  • Supports diverse assay types: magnetic beads, MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays, and ELISAs
  • Compatible with most microplates: 96-well, standard height, and low profile
  • Optimized, removable magnet: optimized for flat-bottom microplates, incorporated into the carrier, and removable for non-magnetic washing
  • Low residual volume: ≥ 2 µL/well and vacuum filtration
    • The average increased weight of the plate is = 1.2 grams after dispensing 300 µL of deionized water per well into a 96-well 0.45 µm plate and vacuum aspirated for 30 seconds at a vent diameter of 0.047” (no plug) and blotted on a paper towel
  • Fast washing speed: <30 seconds, 3 aspirate/dispense cycles, 300 µL/well, and final aspirate

BioTek® 50™ Magnetic 96-Well Strip Washer

The BioTek® 50™ Magnetic 96-Well Strip Washer offers hands-free washing with a small footprint and works seamlessly with MILLIPLEX® magnetic bead assays.

Image of the BioTek® 50™ Magnetic 96-Well Strip Washer (Cat. No. 40-301) which offers programmable washing and an optimized magnet for flat-bottom magnetic assay plates.

Figure 2.The self-contained, programmable BioTek® 50™ Magnetic 96-Well Strip Washer.

BioTek® 50™ Washer Features:

  • Reduced hands-on time for multiplex assays
  • Optimized magnet for flat-bottom magnetic bead assay plates can improve data precision
  • Self-contained, programmable washer enables precise fluidic delivery, ensuring complete control while washing multiplex assay plates

Handheld Magnetic Bead Washer Separator Block

The Handheld Magnetic Separator Block for 96-well flat bottom or conical well plates offers a low-cost alternative to automated washing of MILLIPLEX® magnetic bead-based assays without loss in assay performance. The handheld magnetic separator enables you to remove the liquid contents of the 96-well plate by simply decanting or “flicking” the contents into a sink and blotting off the remainder on a paper towel. Magnetic beads are securely held to the sides by 9 magnets surrounding each well.

Image of the Handheld Magnetic Separator Block (Cat. No. 40-285) for 96-well flat bottom or conical well plates with 9 magnets surrounding each well to secure magnetic beads.

Figure 3.The Handheld Magnetic Separator Block for 96-well flat bottom or conical well plates as an alternative to automated washing.

Handheld Magnetic Bead Washer Features:

  • The top magnetic frame is white polycarbonate, with a corrosion-resistant steel plate underneath, all mounted to a polypropylene base
  • Adjustable clip system holds a wide variety of microplates to the separator block
  • Ring on base plate facilitates gripping for all sizes of hands

MultiScreen®HTS Vacuum Manifold

The MultiScreen®HTS vacuum manifold is ideal for multiwell filter plate applications in both manual and automated laboratory environments. The manifold supports 96-well and 384-well filter plates for bioassays and deep-well Solvinert™ filter plates for sample preparation. It can be easily configured to support applications that require flow to waste as well as analyte collection.

The system includes a vacuum pressure indicator enabling you to set and reliably measure vacuum pressure. Controls include an external on/off valve and a vacuum level adjustment valve for optimizing filtration performance. You also have the choice of vacuum source options, such as a vacuum pump, available separately, or a house vacuum.

Image of the MultiScreen®HTS Vacuum Manifold (Cat. No. MSVMHTS00) for bioassay multiwell filter plate application.

Figure 4.The MultiScreen®HTS Vacuum Manifold for 96-well and 384-well filter plates.

Vacuum Manifold Features

  • Configurations for deep well or standard receiver plates
  • ANSI/SBS compliant footprint allows for easy robotic deck integration
  • Solvent-resistant


For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

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