Photoredox Catalysis Guide

Photoredox Catalysis

See the Power of Visible Light Photocatalysis

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Over the last decade visible light photoredox catalysis has emerged as a powerful tool in organic synthesis, building upon the foundation set by early pioneers in radical chemistry and photochemistry. Photoredox chemistry allows chemists to forge new bonds via open shell pathways and facilitates the rapid assembly of complex products en route to new areas of chemical space.

Photoredox catalysis can provide access to entirely new, previously inaccessible bond formations. Key examples are highlighted in this guide.

Essential Information and Insights on:

  • Standard Reaction Setups
  • Synthesis of Photoredox Catalysts
  • Metallaphotoredox Cross-Couplings
  • Late-Stage Functionalization and Trifluoromethylation
  • Cyclization Strategies
  • Tables of Photoredox Catalysts
  • Excited State Photooxidants and Photoreductants
  • Catalysts References and Properties

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