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Key Challenges when Selecting Media for Media Fill Tests


In this 10-minute quick learning tutorial, our expert Adèle Gisselmann will guide you through the requirements for aseptic manufacturers when selecting media for media fill tests or aseptic process simulations.

Key requirements for aseptic manufacturers:

  • The right product to mimic the process​
  • Avoid any contamination​
    • BSE/TSE​
    • Mycoplasma​
    • Spores​
    • Dust​
  • Technical performance of the media/General handling of the product​
    • Solubility​
    • Cold Filterability​
  • Microbiological performance

Moreover, Adèle explains why our products are exactly what you need to perform aseptic process simulations. We offer reliable granulated or ready-to-use media that are easy to implement in your existing processes.


Adèle Gisselmann

Adèle Gisselmann


Global Product Manager Environmental Monitoring

Adèle is the Global Product Manager for Environmental Monitoring, after 3 years in Technical Support at Merck (Process Solutions) and a background in the Food and Beverage industry and microbiology.

Webinar Information

Microbiological testing

  • Media fills
  • Duración:10min

  • Idioma:English

  • Sesión 1:presentado April 21, 2021

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