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Behenic acid


Docosanoic acid
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72-80 °C (lit.)


chloroform: soluble 50 mg/mL, clear
hexane: soluble

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Descripción general

Monomolecular films of stearic and behenic acid were formed on substrates 0.1M in sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate or sodium phosphate and were investigated by IR analysis.


Behenic acid was used to investigate the phase behavior of long-chain acids in supercritical propane. It was also used in fabrication of metallic Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films.


5 g in poly bottle

Código de clase de almacenamiento

11 - Combustible Solids



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Not applicable

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Not applicable

Equipo de protección personal

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US)

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GC Analysis of C2-C22 Free Fatty Acids on Nukol™

Separation of Methyl oleate; Caprylic acid; Heptanoic acid; Methyl decanoate; Methyl dodecanoate; Myristic acid; Methyl palmitate; Methyl palmitoleate; Methyl stearate; Methyl linoleate; Methyl linolenate; Acetic acid; Arachidic acid; Behenic acid; Propionic acid; Isobutyric acid; Valeric acid; Isovaleric acid; Isocaproic acid; Butyric acid

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