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Deuterium oxide

filtered, 99.8 atom % D

Deuterated water, Heavy water, Water-d2
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
Número de CAS:
Peso molecular:
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pureza isotópica

99.8 atom % D




HPLC: suitable
bio NMR: suitable
protein expression: suitable


101.4 °C (lit.)


3.8 °C (lit.)


1.107 g/mL at 25 °C

SMILES string




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1, 1.107 kg in poly bottle
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Código de clase de almacenamiento

12 - Non Combustible Liquids



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The voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC) forms the primary diffusion pore of the outer mitochondrial membrane. In its apo form, VDAC adopts an open conformation with high conductance. States of lower conductance can be induced by ligand binding or the application
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Quantitative knowledge of the turnover of different leukocyte populations is a key to our understanding of immune function in health and disease. Much progress has been made thanks to the introduction of stable isotope labeling, the state-of-the-art technique for in
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By using the critical Casimir force, we study the attractive strength dependent aggregation of colloids with and without gravity by means of near field scattering. Significant differences were seen between microgravity and ground experiments, both in the structure of the
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Poor nutritional quality of complementary foods often limits growth. Animal source foods, such as milk or meat, are often unaffordable. Local affordable alternatives are needed. We evaluate the efficacy of 2 newly developed, rice-based complementary food products: WinFood (WF) with
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To evaluate the potential of heavier-than-water brilliant blue G (BBG-D(2) 0) to stain the internal limiting membrane (ILM) during chromovitrectomy. In a nonrandomized, prospective, clinical multicentre study, 71 consecutive chromovitrectomy interventions in 71 patients were analysed. During routine 23-gauge vitrectomy

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