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SuRE/Cut Buffer H

solution, pkg of 5 × 1 mL

restriction enzyme buffer, SuRE/Cut Buffer for Restriction Enzymes



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pkg of 5 × 1 mL



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dry ice

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The SuRE/Cut Buffer System consists of five optimized incubation buffers, 10x concentrated, for DNA restriction digest. Activity of all restriction enzymes has been determined in each buffer to select 100% activity or to calculate activity in double-digests.


SuRE/Cut Buffer H has been used to treat EcoRI and XhoI restriction enzymes to digest gel-purified reaction products and the pMX-IG vector. It has also been used to dilute the restriction enzyme Xanthomonas badrii I for the digestion of the genomic DNA of the E. coli colonies and the Salmonella Braenderup H2812 (ATCC BAA-664) marker.
The SuRE/Cut Buffer H has been used for digestion of genomic DNA using the restriction enzyme XbaI. It has been used for digestion of PCR products and plasmid using EcoRI and XhoI.

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For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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SuRE/Cut is a trademark of Roche

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12 - Non Combustible Liquids



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Restriction Endonucleases - The Molecular Scissors

The term “Restriction enzyme” originated from the studies of Enterobacteria phage λ (lambda phage) in the laboratories of Werner Arber and Matthew Meselson.

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