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Immunoprecipitation Vector Kit



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The Immunoprecipitation (IP) Vector Kit provides a unique method to validate protein-protein interactions in a convenient 96-well format. This system enables potential binding partners for the protein of interest to be tagged with ”FLAG and c-Myc epitopes, followed by capture and detection using the ANTI-FLAG M2 High Sensitivity Capture Plate.

The kit provides expression vectors ”pFLAG-CMV”-2 and pc-Myc-CMV-2 designed for the cloning and expression of protein interaction candidates as N-terminal FLAG and N-terminal c-Myc fusions. Control plasmids pFLAG-CMV-2-p53, pC-Myc-CMV-2-Large T antigen and pC-Myc-CMV-2-BAP supplied are for expression of positive and negative binding partners in the IP analysis. The kit also includes the MF-2 and MR-2 verification primers.

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Características y beneficios

  • Fast and convenient 96 well plate format
  • Cleaner analysis due to strongly bound antibody
  • Rapid, sensitive, quantitative results


The IP Vector Kit contains:
  • pFLAG-CMV-2 Expression Vector (10 μg)
  • pc-Myc-CMV-2 Expression Vector (10 μg)
  • pFLAG-CMV-2-p53 control plasmid (20 μg)
  • pc-Myc-CMV-2-Large T antigen control plasmid (10 μg)
  • pc-Myc-CMV-2-BAP control plasmid (10 μg)
  • Verification Primer-MF (2 nmol)
  • Verification Primer-MR (2 nmol)

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • pc-Myc-CMV-2 10 μg

  • pc-Myc-CMV-2-BAP 10 μg

  • pc-Myc-CMV-2-Large T antigen 10 μg

  • pFLAG-CMV™-2 10 μg

  • pFLAG-CMV™-2-p53 20 μg

  • Verification Primer-MF 2 nmol

  • Verification Primer-MR 2 nmol

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