Metal Packed GC Column (General Configuration)

phase none, matrix 60/80 Molecular Sieve 13X support, L × O.D. × I.D. 6.0 ft (1.8 m) × 1/8  in. × 2.1 mm



stainless steel column

Quality Level




0-400 °C temperature (isothermal or programmed)


gas chromatography (GC): suitable

L × O.D. × I.D.

6.0 ft (1.8 m) × 1/8  in. × 2.1 mm


60/80 Molecular Sieve 13X support

matrix active group

none phase

column type

packed GC


for use with General Configuration

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General description

In packed columns, the carrier gas percolates through the porous bed. In a packed column, separation is achieved by moving the solutes apart. Packed columns are made up of two main materials; stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Metal packed columns are more suitable for long and high carrier gas flow rates to tolerate the elevated pressures. Molecular sieves are three-dimensional framework structure that forms pores of molecular dimensions. The pores adsorb molecules which fit closely inside the pores and exclude molecules that are large. Zeolites are subset of molecular sieves. Molecular sieves are used as adsorbents, gas separations, oil refining and many diverse areas. X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and pore size analysis confirmed that molecular sieves consisted of a three-dimensional regular array of uniform mesopores which was 3 nm in diameter.

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Certificado de origen

  1. Which document(s) contains shelf-life or expiration date information for a given product?

    If available for a given product, the recommended re-test date or the expiration date can be found on the Certificate of Analysis.

  2. How do I get lot-specific information or a Certificate of Analysis?

    The lot specific COA document can be found by entering the lot number above under the "Documents" section.

  3. Will Product No. 13136-U, SS packed columns for Agilent with Molecular Sieve 13X 60/80 mesh, fit my GC?

    This column has a general configuration which means it has a 6" coil diameter with arms that extend 2" beyond the coil. 1/8" stainless steel columns can be bent to fit almost all GC's

  4. What application requires this type of column, Product No. 13136-U SS packed columns for Agilent with Molecular Sieve 13X 60/80?

    The most common use of this column is the analysis of permanent gases.

  5. Is Product No. 13136-U SS packed columns for Agilent with Molecular Sieve 13X 60/80,  preconditioned?

    No, this column will need conditioned before it is used. Conditioning instructions are included with the column.

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    Ask a Scientist here.

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