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Conversion Kit for Adapting Packed GC to Capillary GC

port diam. 5 mm, sleeve L 5 in. (13 cm)


puerto diám.

5 mm

manguitos L

5 in. (13 cm)


for connecting Direct Injection Conversion Kit

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Descripción general

These column nuts are replacements for damaged or misplaced original Agilent/HP MSD nuts. They are to be used with the longer design ferrules for Agilent/HP GC′s.
With our Make-up Gas Detector Adapter Kit you can use the capillary column at optimum flow rates (2-10mL/minute), even if your detector is designed for higher flows. You can connect the column and a make-up gas line (to prevent column effluent from spreading in the detector) to the detector without modifying your detector gas line. Regulate the make-up gas through external control (see diagram) or, in a two-column instrument, connect the make-up gas line to the second injection port and regulate flow with the flow controller (requires a Swagelok reducer � Cat. No. 22017-U for a 1/8 in. fitting, Cat. No. 22701 for a 1/4 in. fitting � and nut; order separately).


Conversion kit maybe used to quantitatively determine ethanol concentration in alcoholic beverages using capillary gas chromatography.

Otras notas

Use with long Supeltex ferrules.

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