Supeltex® M-2A Capillary Ferrule, Long Design

I.D. 0.8 mm, 0.53 mm Column I.D., pkg of 10 ea



ferrule type long


pkg of 10 ea


Agilent/HP 5062-3538 (OEM)
PerkinElmer 09920107 (OEM)
Varian CR213108 (OEM)


0.8 mm


0.53 mm Column I.D.

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General description

Swage type fittings are one of the most popular connectors which are available in metal and plastic forms; they are very useful for connecting similar or dissimilar materials, like metal to glass or metal to plastic. The general swage tubing coupler has four parts namely the body, into which the tube is placed, two ferrules that is front ferrule and back ferrule and lastly a packing nut. M-2A Capillary Ferrule Conforms easily to capillary columns, ensuring an effective seal with less chance of breakage and has high reusability.
Characteristics: Seals at 1/4 turn past fingertight. High reusability. Won′t stick to metal or glass.

Material Composition: DuPont VESPEL SP-21 (85% polyimide, 15% graphite)

Maximum Temperature:
400 °C

Legal Information

Supeltex is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Certificado de Análisis

Certificado de origen

The Manipulation of Air-Sensitive Compounds.
Shriver DF.
Nature, 217-218 (1986)

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