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Amino Acid, Peptide & Protein Standards

Reference standards of amino acids, peptides, and proteins for proteomic workflows and food testing

Amino acid, peptide, and protein reference materials are crucial to different analyses, including proteomics and food testing. We offer specially designed standards and certified reference materials of various heavy and light peptides, enzymes, intact proteins, amino acids, and stable isotope‑labeled analogs. Our reference materials are compatible with mass spectrometry testing applications in biomarker discovery, pharmaceutical research, clinical and diagnostic testing, top-down and bottom-up proteomics, and food authentication.


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Amino Acids

Our amino acids portfolio includes neat TraceCERT® certified reference materials (CRMs). Our CRMs are certified by quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (qNMR) following ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 guidelines. We also offer certified reference material solutions and analytical standards of amino acid mixes.


Our range of peptide standards includes HPLC-compatible analytical standards and MS PhosphoMix phosphopeptide standards. Phosphopeptide standards are used to test strengths and weaknesses of phosphopeptide samples by mass spectrometric analysis. They contain synthetic phosphopeptides with their sequence derived from naturally occurring peptides. MS PhosphoMix standards are available in three types; each has the same amino acid sequence but different phosphorylation sites. All the MS PhosphoMix standards are available in their naturally occurring isotopic abundance (light) version or the stable isotope enriched (heavy) version.


Our fully intact, Cerilliant® protein certified reference materials are used as reference standards in qualitative and quantitative LC-MS/MS applications for diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical release testing, and food safety testing. We offer protein standards for size exclusion chromatography and protein standard solutions for determining protein content of cod trypsin isoenzymes.

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