Hamilton Syringes

Hamilton® syringe, 700 series

Hamilton glass syringes provide the highest possible performance for reliable analyses, thanks to their quality materials and skilled workmanship. They offer the most comprehensive range of standard and custom syringes. Hamilton syringes are manufactured to ensure accuracy within ±1% of the nominal volume and precision within 1%, as measured at 80% of the total scale volume. The design of the barrel and plunger dimensions guarantees high levels of accuracy and precision.

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Hamilton Gas Tight Syringes

Gas-tight syringes are designed for dispensing both liquids and gases, featuring a leak-free seal created by a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip. The tight fit of the tip ensures effective cleaning of the syringe barrel, eliminating any remaining sample. This feature is helpful when dealing with heterogeneous samples, as it minimizes the risk of deposits forming and potentially causing the plunger to become stuck. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 100μL up to 100mL.

Hamilton Microliter Syringes

Microliter syringes are specifically designed for use with liquids, featuring a hand-fitted stainless steel plunger and a finely bored syringe barrel. These syringes are perfect for handling homogeneous samples that do not tend to precipitate or bond with glass.

Hamilton TLC Syringes

Thin layer chromatography (TLC) syringes have their needles coated with a PTFE coating for a length of 3/4" starting from the tip. The coating reduces the surface tension between the needle and the liquid making it ideal for reproducible sample spotting. The TLC syringe comes in two options: either as a cemented needle (SNTLC) or as a replacement needle that can be fitted into a standard removable needle (RN) syringe.

Hamilton SampleLock Syringes

With Hamilton SampleLock syringes, you can collect, store, transport, and analyze liquid or gaseous samples safely, as they prevent evaporative loss and environmental contamination. These syringes are offered in various sizes, ranging from 50 μL to 100 mL. These syringes feature an effortless twist valve and a positive rear stop that effectively prevents sample loss and plunger blowout. Additionally, the SampleLock valve is equipped with optional male luer and female luer lock adapter threads, ensuring compatibility with various connectors and fittings.

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