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Cromatografía en capa fina (TLC)
La cromatografía en capa fina (TLC) es una técnica de separación en la que se utiliza una fina capa de un material adsorbente que recubre una placa de vidrio, plástico o aluminio. Ofrecemos una variedad de placas para TLC: placas
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
We offer a variety of TLC plates including classical TLC plates with silica, aluminum, glass, and plastic backings in various dimensions as per your needs. Also available are the HPTLC plates, MS-Grade TLC and HPTLC plates, and PLC plates.
Removal of Detergents from Biological Product Matrices
The Amberlite™ XAD-4 resin used in Porozorb™ cartridges is a proven technology that is highly effective in removing various detergents from cell culture media for biopharmaceutical applications such as vaccine production.
Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis Using QuEChERS Extraction and Cleanup Followed by GC/MS/MS Analysis
Compared to conventional PSA/C18/GCB cleanup, cannabis extracts cleaned with the Supel QuE Verde mixture showed lower GC/MS background, and better recoveries for many pesticides.
Pressure-Temperature Calculator for Solvents
Use the calculator to determine the boiling point or pressure of solvents based on the Antoine Equation and see solvent attributes. View a list of products based on the solvent CAS number.