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R D Klausner et al.
Biochemistry, 19(26), 6199-6203 (1980-12-23)
We have examined the phase partition preferences of the even chain length (n = 10-22) diacyl-3'3'-indocarbo-cyanine iodides (Cn diI) incorporated in disaturated lecithin (PC) vesicles. Two parameters were used to determine this phase preference: (i) the direction of shift of
Keren Nicole Hamisha et al.
Journal of molecular neuroscience : MN, 55(4), 1006-1013 (2014-11-12)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are known to enhance neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus, as well as to modulate immune cell activity and inflammation. Easily obtained and expanded from the bone marrow and other tissues, MSCs have been proposed as candidates for
James M Clegg et al.
Neural development, 10, 26-26 (2015-11-02)
In mouse embryos, the Pax6 transcription factor is expressed in the progenitors of thalamic neurons but not in thalamic neurons themselves. Its null-mutation causes early mis-patterning of thalamic progenitors. It is known that thalamic neurons generated by Pax6 (-/-) progenitors
Sophie M Steculorum et al.
The Journal of clinical investigation, 125(2), 846-858 (2015-01-22)
A complex neural network regulates body weight and energy balance, and dysfunction in the communication between the gut and this neural network is associated with metabolic diseases, such as obesity. The stomach-derived hormone ghrelin stimulates appetite through interactions with neurons
Guang-Di Chen et al.
Brain research, 1485, 63-76 (2012-04-03)
The amygdala, important in forming and storing memories of aversive events, is believed to play a major role in debilitating tinnitus and hyperacusis. To explore this hypothesis, we recorded from the lateral amygdala (LA) and auditory cortex (AC) before and
Lulu Xia et al.
Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland), 34(4), 767-774 (2014-07-23)
The catabolic pathways of n-3 triglyceride (TG) rich particles (n-3 TGRP) have not been clearly elucidated. In this study, we investigated the effects of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) on the catabolism of n-3 TGRP compared to n-6 TGRP in vivo and in vitro
Mohammad Saeid Nikshoar et al.
Nature communications, 8(1), 2175-2175 (2017-12-21)
Detecting the micrometastasis is a major challenge in patients' survival. The small volume of the biopsied tissue results in limited number of histopathological samples and might reduce the rate of accurate diagnosis even by molecular technologies. We introduce a microelectronic
Adam M Sheppard et al.
Neuroscience, 359, 159-171 (2017-07-18)
Prolonged low-level noise exposure alters loudness perception in humans, presumably by decreasing the gain of the central auditory system. Here we test the central gain hypothesis by measuring the acute and chronic physiologic changes at the level of the cochlea
Colin Reveley et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(21), E2820-E2828 (2015-05-13)
In vivo tractography based on diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) has opened new doors to study structure-function relationships in the human brain. Initially developed to map the trajectory of major white matter tracts, dMRI is used increasingly to infer long-range
Vicente Reyes-Puerta et al.
Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), 25(8), 2001-2021 (2014-02-13)
One of the most relevant questions regarding the function of the nervous system is how sensory information is represented in populations of cortical neurons. Despite its importance, the manner in which sensory-evoked activity propagates across neocortical layers and columns has
M Pilia et al.
European cells & materials, 28, 11-23 (2014-07-16)
Few clinical options are available for the treatment of volumetric muscle loss (VML). An important consideration that needs to be addressed for the development of treatments for these injuries is the establishment of a vascular supply sufficient to support skeletal
Christina P Wang et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 290(48), 29045-29050 (2015-09-18)
Our previous studies showed: (i) that growth-arrested G0/G1 rat mesangial cells stimulated to divide in hyperglycemic medium initiate intracellular hyaluronan synthesis that induces autophagy and the cyclin D3-induced formation of a monocyte-adhesive extracellular hyaluronan matrix after completing cell division; and
Tadahiro Tsuji et al.
Cancer research, 75(2), 356-366 (2014-12-10)
Agr2 is a disulfide isomerase residing in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which physiologically regulates protein folding and mediates resistance to ER stress. Agr2 is overexpressed in adenocarcinomas of various organs, where it participates in neoplastic transformation and metastasis, therefore acts
Xin Cheng et al.
Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.), 51, 79-89 (2015-01-01)
n-Hexane is widely used in industry and its metabolite, 2,5-hexanedione (2,5-HD), has been implicated as a neural toxin in the developing fetus. Using the chick embryo model, we have previously revealed the neurotoxicity of 2,5-HD during development and established that
A Bozkurt et al.
Biomaterials, 75, 112-122 (2015-10-27)
An increasing number of biomaterial nerve guides has been developed that await direct comparative testing with the 'gold-standard' autologous nerve graft in functional repair of peripheral nerve defects. In the present study, 20 mm rat sciatic nerve defects were bridged
Laura Otero-Ortega et al.
Stem cell research & therapy, 6, 121-121 (2015-06-20)
Despite its high incidence, nerve fiber (axon and myelin) damage after cerebral infarct has not yet been extensively investigated. The aim of this study was to investigate white matter repair after adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell (ADMSC) administration in an experimental
Jian Wang et al.
Cancer research, 75(2), 306-315 (2014-12-11)
Cancer metastasis can occur at early stages of tumor development due to facilitative alterations in the tumor microenvironment. Although imaging techniques have considerably improved our understanding of metastasis, early events remain challenging to study due to the small numbers of
Fereshteh Mehraein et al.
Experimental and clinical transplantation : official journal of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation, 13(3), 256-261 (2015-06-19)
Very small embryoniclike stem cells are a population of small stem cells with embryonic characteristics that were identified in adult murine bone marrow. During the past decade, researchers have examined different alternatives for functional recovery after spinal cord injury. The
Ching-Yi Liu et al.
Oncotarget, 6(18), 15966-15983 (2015-05-13)
Modulations of cytoskeletal organization and focal adhesion turnover correlate to tumorigenesis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), the latter process accompanied by the loss of epithelial markers and the gain of mesenchymal markers (e.g., vimentin). Clinical microarray results demonstrated that increased levels
Kay Sieben et al.
PLoS biology, 13(11), e1002304-e1002304 (2015-11-26)
Optimal behavior relies on the combination of inputs from multiple senses through complex interactions within neocortical networks. The ontogeny of this multisensory interplay is still unknown. Here, we identify critical factors that control the development of visual-tactile processing by combining
R Satoyoshi et al.
Oncogene, 34(5), 650-660 (2014-01-21)
Scirrhous gastric cancer, which has the worst prognosis among the various types of gastric cancer, is highly invasive and associated with abundant stromal fibroblasts. Although cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) have been proposed to generate a tumor-supportive extracellular matrix that promotes the
Yunbin Xiao et al.
International journal of nanomedicine, 10, 1155-1172 (2015-02-25)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents based on chitosan derivatives have great potential for diagnosing diseases. However, stable tumor-targeted MRI contrast agents using micelles prepared from high molecular weight chitosan derivatives are seldom reported. In this study, we developed a
Qingli Meng et al.
American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 309(1), C1-10 (2015-04-24)
To address mechanoreceptive roles of trigeminal ganglion (TG) nerve endings in the inner walls of rat anterior eye chambers, we investigated the mechanotransduction process and mechanosensitive (MS) channel on somata of TG neurons innervating this area in vitro. Rat TG
Jung Eun Kim et al.
Science advances, 7(10) (2021-03-05)
Stress is a key risk factor for dystonia, a debilitating motor disorder characterized by cocontractions of muscles leading to abnormal body posture. While the serotonin (5HT) system is known to control emotional responses to stress, its role in dystonia remains
Jhon A Ochoa-Alvarez et al.
Oncotarget, 6(11), 9045-9060 (2015-04-01)
Podoplanin (PDPN) is a unique transmembrane receptor that promotes tumor cell motility. Indeed, PDPN may serve as a chemotherapeutic target for primary and metastatic cancer cells, particularly oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cells that cause most oral cancers. Here, we
Christian Merz et al.
Anti-cancer drugs, 26(7), 716-727 (2015-04-09)
Glioblastoma is a disease characterized by rapid invasive tumour growth. Studies on the proapoptotic CD95/CD95L signalling pathway recently suggested a significant contribution of CD95 signalling towards the high degree of motility in glioma cells. Apogenix has developed APG101, a clinical
Peng-Yi Zhou et al.
Journal of cell science, 128(11), 2169-2178 (2015-04-29)
Definitive surface markers for retinal progenitor cells (RPCs) are still lacking. Therefore, we sorted c-Kit(+) and stage-specific embryonic antigen-4(-) (SSEA4(-)) retinal cells for further biological characterization. RPCs were isolated from human fetal retinas (gestational age of 12-14 weeks). c-Kit(+)/SSEA4(-) RPCs
Gintautas Grabauskas et al.
The Journal of physiology, 593(17), 3973-3989 (2015-07-16)
Ghrelin, a hunger signalling peptide derived from the peripheral tissues, overcomes the satiety signals evoked by anorexigenic molecules, such as cholecystokinin (CCK) and leptin, to stimulate feeding. Using in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological techniques, we show that ghrelin hyperpolarizes
Yiliang Chen et al.
Science signaling, 8(393), ra91-ra91 (2015-09-10)
One characteristic of atherosclerosis is the accumulation of lipid-laden macrophage foam cells in the arterial wall. We have previously shown that the binding of oxidized low-density lipoprotein (oxLDL) to the scavenger receptor CD36 activates the kinase Lyn, initiating a cascade
James Shue-Min Yeh et al.
Ultrasound in medicine & biology, 41(9), 2478-2496 (2015-06-06)
Ultrasound molecular imaging using targeting microbubbles is predominantly a semi-quantitative tool, thus limiting its potential diagnostic power and clinical applications. In the work described here, we developed a novel method for acoustic quantification of molecular expression. E-Selectin expression in the
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