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Maoyong Fu et al.
PloS one, 6(5), e19945-e19945 (2011-06-04)
Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy diagnosed among women in developed countries. One recent biomarker strongly associated with disease progression and survival is epithelial membrane protein-2 (EMP2), a tetraspan protein known to associate with and modify surface expression
Mario Menschikowski et al.
Cancer cell international, 11, 4-4 (2011-02-16)
Increasing evidences show that beyond its role in coagulation, endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR) interferes with carcinogenesis. Pro-carcinogenic effects of EPCR were linked with a raised generation of activated protein C (aPC) and anti-apoptotic signalling. This study was carried out
Laurie Hamtiaux et al.
PloS one, 6(10), e26823-e26823 (2011-11-03)
The antitumoral properties of endocannabinoids received a particular attention these last few years. Indeed, these endogenous molecules have been reported to exert cytostatic, apoptotic and antiangiogenic effects in different tumor cell lines and tumor xenografts. Therefore, we investigated the cytotoxicity
Henri J Huttunen et al.
Journal of molecular neuroscience : MN, 37(1), 6-15 (2008-07-12)
A common pathogenic event that occurs in all forms of Alzheimer's disease is the progressive accumulation of amyloid beta-peptide (Abeta) in brain regions responsible for higher cognitive functions. Inhibition of acyl-coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT), which generates intracellular cholesteryl esters
Improved enzyme activity and enantioselectivity in organic solvents by methyl-?-cyclodextrin.
Griebenow K
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 121(36), 8157-8163 (1999)
William E Brownell et al.
Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology, 461(6), 677-686 (2011-03-05)
Changing the concentration of cholesterol in the plasma membrane of isolated outer hair cells modulates electromotility and prestin-associated charge movement, suggesting that a similar manipulation would alter cochlear mechanics. We examined cochlear function before and after depletion of membrane cholesterol
Elena Rahn et al.
PloS one, 6(10), e25464-e25464 (2011-10-25)
Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) can enter cells via endocytic pathways or direct fusion at the plasma membrane depending on the cell line and receptor(s). Most studies into virus entry have used cultured fibroblasts but since keratinocytes represent the
Sara Rodríguez-Acebes et al.
The Biochemical journal, 420(2), 305-315 (2009-03-06)
Cholesterol homoeostasis is critical for cell viability and proliferation. The SREBP (sterol regulatory element-binding protein) pathway is crucial for the maintenance of cholesterol homoeostasis. This pathway is controlled by cholesterol and cholesterol-derived oxysterols. J774 cells cannot convert desmosterol into cholesterol
Preparation and solid-state characterization of inclusion complexes formed between miconazole and methyl-?-cyclodextrin.
Ribeiro A
Aaps Pharmscitech, 9(4), 1102-1109 (2008)
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