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Two-cationic 2-methylbenzothiazole derivatives as green light absorbed sensitizers in initiation of free radical polymerization.
Janina Kabatc et al.
Colloid and polymer science, 293(7), 1865-1876 (2015-07-07)
Okhil K Nag et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 104(1), 114-123 (2014-11-14)
We report the synthesis of an acyl-anchored superhydrophilic polymer (SHP) for external surface modification of liposome surface. N¹-(2-aminoethyl)-N⁴-hexadecyl-2-tetradecylsuccinamide conjugated with SHP (HDAS-SHP) was synthesized and used for modifying the liposome surface. Unlike polyethylene glycol (PEG)-phospholipids, which are commonly used for...
Xishan Guo et al.
The Analyst, 138(18), 5265-5273 (2013-07-19)
A novel gas sensor based on composite films of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT/PSS) and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) was fabricated for the detection of fishy trimethylamine (TMA) vapor. The SWCNTs were functionalized by O2 plasma treatment to improve their solubility in the...
C J L Silwood et al.
Journal of dental research, 81(6), 422-427 (2002-07-05)
We have explored the ability of high-resolution NMR techniques to (1) index salivary biomolecules and (2) provide valuable data regarding intra- and inter-subject variability in the concentrations of a series of components readily determinable by this technique (organic acids and...
Genetic polymorphism of trimethylamine N-oxidation.
R Ayesh et al.
Pharmacology & therapeutics, 45(3), 387-401 (1990-01-01)
David Leys et al.
Biochemical Society symposium, (71)(71), 1-14 (2005-03-22)
TMADH (trimethylamine dehydrogenase) is a complex iron-sulphur flavoprotein that forms a soluble electron-transfer complex with ETF (electron-transferring flavoprotein). The mechanism of electron transfer between TMADH and ETF has been studied using stopped-flow kinetic and mutagenesis methods, and more recently by...
Hyung-Sik Woo et al.
Nanotechnology, 23(24), 245501-245501 (2012-05-30)
Highly selective and sensitive detection of trimethylamine (TMA) was achieved by the decoration of discrete p-type Cr(2)O(3) nanoparticles on n-type ZnO nanowire (NW) networks. Semielliptical Cr(2)O(3) nanoparticles with lateral widths of 3-8 nm were deposited on ZnO NWs by the...
W Doehner et al.
American heart journal, 141(5), 792-799 (2001-04-26)
Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a hyperuricemic state, and capillary endothelium is the predominant site of xanthine oxidase in the vasculature. Upregulated xanthine oxidase activity (through production of toxic free radicals) may contribute to impaired regulation of vascular tone in...
R A Burke et al.
Advances in peritoneal dialysis. Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis, 14, 120-123 (2000-01-29)
The presence of mixed disaccharides (maltose and isomaltose) in plasma from uremic patients has been previously investigated using gel-permeation chromatography. However, this method is unable to separate maltose (linked alpha-1-4) from isomaltose (linked alpha-1-6). We describe an alternative method using...
J Wang et al.
Poultry science, 91(9), 2221-2228 (2012-08-23)
To evaluate the effect of flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) genotype and dietary choline supplementation on trimethylamine (TMA) metabolism in HyLine Brown laying hens, a 3 × 2 two-factorial arrangement was employed with FMO3 genotypes (AA, AT, and TT) and dietary...
Md Mahmudur Rahman et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1314, 241-248 (2013-09-28)
An experimental technique based on sorbent tube-thermal desorption-gas chromatography (ST-TD-GC) was investigated for the simultaneous determination of a cluster of eight volatile odorants (propionic acid, n-butyric acid, i-valeric acid, n-valeric acid, trimethylamine, phenol, indole, and skatole) and a reference compound...
David J Burke et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 16(10), 23630-23650 (2015-10-09)
In this study, we investigated the effect of positively and negatively charged Fe₃O₄ and TiO₂ nanoparticles (NPs) on the growth of soybean plants (Glycine max.) and their root associated soil microbes. Soybean plants were grown in a greenhouse for six...
Brian J Bennett et al.
Cell metabolism, 17(1), 49-60 (2013-01-15)
Circulating trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) levels are strongly associated with atherosclerosis. We now examine genetic, dietary, and hormonal factors regulating TMAO levels. We demonstrate that two flavin mono-oxygenase family members, FMO1 and FMO3, oxidize trimethylamine (TMA), derived from gut flora metabolism of...
S Kenyon et al.
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 42(10), 1619-1628 (2004-08-12)
Trimethylamine is a volatile low molecular weight tertiary aliphatic amine that has known toxicity and the potential for human exposure from industrial and environmental sources is considerable. It is generally believed that absorption across the skin is an unimportant route...
Mark Rozenberg et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. A, 116(16), 4089-4096 (2012-04-12)
The environmentally important interaction products of trimethylamine (TMA) and water molecules have been observed by Matrix Isolation Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (MIS-FTIR). Infrared spectra of solid argon matrix layers, in which both TMA and H(2)O molecules were entrapped as impurities...
D S Gill et al.
Journal of clinical pathology, 44(3), 243-245 (1991-03-01)
Plasma histamine concentrations were measured using a commercially available monoclonal antibody radioimmunoassay in 38 patients with nephrotic syndrome, end stage renal failure, those receiving haemodialysis, and those receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis to determine whether histamine may mediate damage to...
D O McGregor et al.
Kidney international, 59(6), 2267-2272 (2001-05-31)
Hyperhomocysteinemia is a risk factor for atherosclerosis that is common in chronic renal failure (CRF), but its cause is unknown. Homocysteine metabolism is linked to betaine-homocysteine methyl transferase (BHMT), a zinc metalloenzyme that converts glycine betaine (GB) to N,N dimethylglycine...
Makiko Shimizu et al.
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, 30(1), 70-74 (2015-03-12)
Human flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) in the liver catalyzes a variety of oxygenations of nitrogen- and sulfur-containing medicines and xenobiotic substances. Because of growing interest in drug interactions mediated by polymorphic FMO3, benzydamine N-oxygenation by human FMO3 was investigated as...
Beata Grabowska-Polanowska et al.
Przeglad lekarski, 69(3), 91-97 (2012-07-07)
During the last decade the amount of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) has increased. The physicians' efforts are focused on early CKD diagnosis and reduction of the end-stage renal diseases incidence. The breath test seems to be a...
Crosslinked, epoxy-based anion conductive membranes for alkaline membrane fuel cells
Zhou J
Journal of Membrane Science, 350(1-2), 286-292 (2010)
Marilyn C Erickson et al.
Journal of food protection, 78(12), 2156-2169 (2015-11-29)
Microbial spoilage of salmon occurs during extended refrigerated storage and is often accompanied by unpleasant aromas. When spoilage is detected, it is assumed that consumers will reject the product for consumption. Because sensory panels of trained individuals or consumers are...
D S Raj et al.
Blood purification, 18(2), 97-102 (2000-06-06)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of nocturnal hemodialysis (NHD) on serum amino acid (AA) profile. In a cross-over trial, we studied the AA profile in 11 patients who were switched from conventional hemodialysis to NHD....
A S K Dzik-Jurasz et al.
The British journal of radiology, 76(907), 483-486 (2003-07-15)
The sampling of gall bladder bile for analytical studies remains an invasive procedure. We demonstrate the application of the non-invasive methodology of (1)H-MR spectroscopy to the qualitative and quantitative assessment of human gall bladder bile in vivo. Spectral profiles in...
Joshua Boateng et al.
International journal of biological macromolecules, 79, 63-71 (2015-05-06)
Lyophilized wafers comprising sodium alginate (SA) and gelatin (GE) (0/100, 75/25, 50/50, 25/75, 0/100 SA/GE, respectively) with silver sulfadiazine (SSD, 0.1% w/w) have been developed for potential application on infected chronic wounds. Polymer-drug interactions and physical form were characterized by...
Converging on a mechanism for choline degradation.
Christopher J Thibodeaux et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(52), 21184-21185 (2012-12-18)
Hyeryeong Jeon et al.
Macromolecular rapid communications, 33(11), 972-976 (2012-04-12)
Polydiacetylenes (PDAs), a family of conjugated polymers, are very intriguing materials in several aspects. Especially, the stimulus-induced apparent blue-to-red transition of the PDAs has led to the development of a variety of PDA-based chemosensors. In the current work, we synthesized...
Yong Yu et al.
Nature communications, 3, 1252-1252 (2012-12-06)
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) family proteins associate with transient receptor potential (TRP) channel family proteins to form functionally important complexes. PKD proteins differ from known ion channel-forming proteins and are generally thought to act as membrane receptors. Here we find...
B C Sweatman et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 11(8), 651-664 (1993-08-01)
Extensive assignments of resonances in the 600 MHz 1H-NMR spectra of cerebrospinal fluid are reported. These have been achieved by the measurement of a combination of two-dimensional experiments comprising homonuclear J-resolved, COSY45, and double-quantum filtered COSY (DQCOSY) spectra. By these...
Jack D Sobel et al.
European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology, 163(1), 81-84 (2012-04-24)
To compare diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis according to the Amsel criteria with measurement by ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) of the biogenic amines that are present in vaginal discharge fluid. Duplicate samples of vaginal fluid were collected from 115 unselected and...
Wei Feng et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 17422-17422 (2015-12-04)
Photothermal cancer therapy has attracted considerable interest for cancer treatment in recent years, but the effective photothermal agents remain to be explored before this strategy can be applied clinically. In this study, we therefore develop flower-like molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanoflakes...

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