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Wet chemical analysis

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Tabla de transmitancia frente a absorbancia
Tabla de transmitancia frente a absorbancia para una conversión rápida. Utilice esta tabla como referencia práctica en el laboratorio, el aula o el campo. La tabla de transmitancia virtual se puede descargar y compartir.
¿Qué es la espectroscopia FTIR?
Obtenga más información sobre la espectroscopia FTIR (espectroscopia infrarroja por transformada de Fourier ). Sepa qué es la FTIR, qué hace y cómo funciona. Información útil sobre esta técnica ampliamente utilizada, ejemplo de gráfico FTIR y más.
Determinación de la oxidación de fosfolípidos mediante espectroscopia UV/VIS - Avanti® Polar Lipids
El porcentaje de oxidación de un fosfolípido se puede determinar utilizando la Ley de Beer para calcular la concentración de fosfolípido peroxidado a partir de su absorbancia a 234 nm.
Tabla de espectros infrarrojos
La tabla de espectros IR es un gráfico para utilizar durante la espectroscopia infrarroja. En la tabla se indican los intervalos de frecuencia, la apariencia de la vibración y las absorciones de los grupos funcionales en la espectroscopia IR.
How to Select the Right Water Purification System for Your Lab
Technical article on Selecting the Right Water Purification System
Electrochemistry on the Bench and in the Field
Nanomaterials, electrochemistry, BASi, LIB, Lithium Ion Batteries, reference electrode, Teflon, silver nitrate, working electrodes, counter electrode, organic electrosynthesis
Identification of Cell Culture Media with Raman Spectroscopy
Identification of cell culture media samples by traditional LC methods, such as amino acid or vitamin analysis, has high costs, and requires significant analytical expertise and laboratory space.
Calculating Your Working Tolerance: A Guideline
Guideline to calculate your working tolerance - Certified Standard Solutions (CRM)
Phosphate Determination in Water
Spectroquant® photometric test accurately quantifies low concentrations of PO4-P in natural waters.
Total Nitrogen Measurement Solution
Total Nitrogen Analysis kit offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective method for water and wastewater testing.
Safe Drinking Water Act & Clean Water Act
The Safe Drinking Water Act regulates finished drinking water, raw water sources, and distribution to ensure water safety.
Cannabis Potency Testing: Method Dev. & Cost Considerations
Overview of gradient HPLC-based cannabinoid analysis optimized for key method parameters.
Enzymatic Method for Determining Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA Assay)
Assay protocol for the colorimetric detection of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) in biological samples using the alanine assay kit.
Determination of Phospholipid Oxidation by UV/VIS Spectroscopy - Avanti® Polar Lipids
The percent oxidation of a phospholipid can be determined by using Beer’s Law to calculate the peroxidized phospholipid’s concentration from its absorbance at 234 nm.
ICP-MS Analysis of Heavy Metals in Hemp Containing Personal Care Products
Analysis of heavy metals and metals in cannabis and hemp containing personal care products and cosmetics include sample preparation by grinding, preparation of calibration solutions for a standard addition approach, a microwave digestion protocol and subsequent ICP-MS analysis.
Selectophore Ionophores presents an article on Selectophore Ionophores
Transmittance to Absorbance Table
Transmittance to absorbance table for fast conversion. Use this chart as a handy reference in the lab, classroom or field. The online transmittance chart is available to download and share.
Importance of Volumetric Solution Standardization
The titer determination or standardization of a titration solution is essential for accurate and reliable titration results.
Analytical Method: Urea in Water and Wastewater, Enzymatic Determination
Urea in water and wastewater, enzymatic determination - Photometric determination using the indophenol blue method after cleavage of the urea
Sensitive Determination of Iron in Drinking Water, Mineral Water, Groundwater, and Spring Water Using Rapid Photometric Tests
Spectroquant® Iron Test - a suitable alternative to ICP or AAS for determination of iron in drinking water, mineral water, groundwater, and spring water.
Measuring Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Treatment Facilities
We are a global leader in the life science industry and have produced test kits to measure numerous analytes. Water Online spoke with us about advances in measuring chemical oxygen demand.
Water for BOD & COD Oxygen Demand Testing
Learn about the importance of lab water quality on Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical (or Biological) Oxygen Demand (BOD) testing in water and wastewater analysis. Find in-depth guidance to establish the optimal lab water solution for your environmental and