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Weerapon Sangartit et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e114908-e114908 (2014-12-17)
Cadmium (Cd) is a nonessential heavy metal, causing oxidative damage to various tissues and associated with hypertension. Tetrahydrocurcumin (THU), a major metabolite of curcumin, has been demonstrated to be an antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory agent. In this study, we
Dilyana Georgieva et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 103(8), 2406-2413 (2014-06-26)
This paper describes the synthesis and characterization of cationic copolymers with different macromolecular architecture and drug delivery properties of the corresponding dexamethasone sodium phosphate (DSP)-loaded systems. Copolyelectrolytes comprising poly[2-(acryloyloxy)ethyl] trimethylammonium chloride (PAETMAC) and poly(ethylene glycol) blocks as well as a
Hüma Yılmaz et al.
Journal of separation science, 38(17), 3090-3095 (2015-07-04)
A simple, sensitive, and selective molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction and spectrophotometric method has been developed for the clean-up and preconcentration of indapamide from human urine. Molecularly imprinted polymers were prepared by a non-covalent imprinting approach using indapamide as a template
Alexandre A Arnold et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1848(1 Pt B), 369-377 (2014-07-30)
Microalgae are unicellular organisms in which plasma membrane is protected by a complex cell wall. The chemical nature of this barrier is important not only for taxonomic identification, but also for interactions with exogenous molecules such as contaminants. In this
Huiyang Liu et al.
Nanoscale research letters, 9(1), 397-397 (2014-09-02)
Carbon dots exhibit great potential in applications such as molecular imaging and in vivo molecular tracking. However, how to enhance fluorescence intensity of carbon dots has become a great challenge. Herein, we report for the first time a new strategy
Erkan Yilmaz et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 886, 75-82 (2015-09-01)
A switchable polarity solvent was synthesized from triethylamine (TEA)/water/CO2 (Dry ice) via proton transfer reaction has been used for the microextraction of cadmium(II) as pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate (APDC) chelate. Cd(II)-APDC chelate was extracted into the switchable polarity solvent drops by adding 2
Jiawen Lei et al.
Analytical chemistry, 86(21), 10841-10846 (2014-10-03)
Aflatoxins are a group of extremely toxic small molecules that have been involved in human hepatic and extrahepatic carcinogenesis as causative agents. Herein, we developed a real-time immuno polymerase chain reaction (IPCR) assay for the accurately quantitative detection of aflatoxins
Ming-Chang Kao et al.
Cytokine, 76(2), 442-448 (2015-09-17)
Cepharanthine possesses strong anti-inflammation capacity. We sought to clarify whether cepharanthine could mitigate pro-inflammatory cytokine production in acute lung injury induced by hemorrhagic shock/resuscitation (HS/RES). The involvement of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) was also investigated. Male Sprague Dawley rats were allocated
Rebecca L Dalton et al.
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 189, 134-142 (2014-03-26)
Polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS) were used to estimate atrazine contamination at 24 stream/river sites located across a watershed with land use ranging from 6.7 to 97.4% annual crops and surface water nitrate concentrations ranging from 3 to 5404 μg/L.
D S Bayerl et al.
Journal of neuroendocrinology, 26(12), 918-926 (2014-10-07)
Maternal behaviour in rodents is mediated by the central oxytocin and vasopressin systems, amongst others. The role of vasopressin, acting via the V1a receptor (V1aR), on maternal care and maternal aggression has recently been described. However, a potential involvement of the
Christian Schröter et al.
mAbs, 7(1), 138-151 (2014-12-20)
There is growing interest in the fast and robust engineering of protein pH-sensitivity that aims to reduce binding at acidic pH, compared to neutral pH. Here, we describe a novel strategy for the incorporation of pH-sensitive antigen binding functions into
Graziano Colombo et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1850(1), 1-12 (2014-10-05)
Advanced oxidation protein products (AOPPs) are dityrosine cross-linked and carbonyl-containing protein products formed by the reaction of plasma proteins with chlorinated oxidants, such as hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Most studies consider human serum albumin (HSA) as the main protein responsible for
Meenal P Ullewar et al.
Journal of neuroimmunology, 280, 58-65 (2015-03-17)
The aim of the study was to investigate the role of endogenous peripheral and central corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) following lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge on thymic involution and apoptosis. Administration of LPS (100 μg/mouse, ip) led to thymic involution, to a decrease
Andrea Speltini et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1379, 9-15 (2015-01-07)
This work presents a novel analytical method based on graphene for the determination of five widely used fluoroquinolones (FQs) in aqueous matrices. The procedure entails solid-phase extraction (SPE) on graphene-derivatized silica (200mg), followed by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. Monolayer
Manabu Ogita et al.
Atherosclerosis, 237(1), 374-378 (2014-12-03)
Restenosis after vascular intervention remains a major clinical problem. Circulating LR11 has been shown a novel marker of intimal smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation in human and animal studies. The present study was performed to clarify the clinical significance of
J R Anacona et al.
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, 149, 23-29 (2015-05-06)
Metal(II) coordination compounds of a hydrazone ligand (HL) derived from the condensation of cephalexin antibiotic with 2,6-diacetylpyridine bis(hydrazone) were synthesized. The hydrazone ligand and mononuclear [ML(H2O)2][PF6] (M(II)=Mn, Co, Ni, Zn) complexes were characterized by several techniques, including elemental and thermal
Ivan Usov et al.
Nature communications, 6, 7564-7564 (2015-06-26)
Nanocellulose fibrils are ubiquitous in nature and nanotechnologies but their mesoscopic structural assembly is not yet fully understood. Here we study the structural features of rod-like cellulose nanoparticles on a single particle level, by applying statistical polymer physics concepts on
Hui Zhang et al.
Nanoscale, 7(25), 11033-11039 (2015-06-09)
In this paper, we report a free-standing thin lamella consisting of nanoparticles with controllable shape. A self-assembly technique is utilized to obtain this sheet in a step by step fashion with nanoparticles and polymer single crystals as the basic building
Xue-Tao Li et al.
Oncotarget, 5(15), 6497-6511 (2014-08-26)
Most anticancer drugs are not able to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) effectively while surgery and radiation therapy cannot eradicate brain glioma cells and glioma stem cells (GSCs), hence resulting in poor prognosis with high recurrence rates. In the present
Benjawan Boonkaew et al.
Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, 40(8), 1562-1569 (2014-04-29)
A novel burn wound hydrogel dressing has been previously developed which is composed of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid sodium salt with silver nanoparticles (silver AMPS). This study compared the cytotoxicity of this dressing to the commercially available silver products; Acticoat™, PolyMem
Paula Arbeláez et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1408, 15-21 (2015-07-23)
The occurrence of sweeteners in the environment has become a matter of concern due to the possibility of adverse effects on human health and wildlife species. One of the routes by which sweeteners enter the environment is through sewage sludge.
Manuela Calin et al.
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 89, 18-29 (2014-12-02)
Chemokines are critically involved in the development of chronic inflammatory-associated diseases such as atherosclerosis. We hypothesized that targeted delivery of compounds to the surface of activated endothelial cells (EC) interferes with chemokine/receptor interaction and thereby efficiently blocks inflammation. We developed
Gesche Willjes et al.
Biochemistry, 52(22), 3930-3938 (2013-05-08)
Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) block neurotransmitter release by proteolyzing SNARE proteins in peripheral nerve terminals. Entry into neurons occurs subsequent to interaction with gangliosides and a synaptic vesicle protein. Isoforms I and II of synaptotagmin were shown to act as protein
Aleš Franc et al.
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 75, 72-80 (2015-03-26)
Hypoglycaemic episodes represent serious and frequent complications of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Theoretically, the risk of hypoglycaemic states can be affected by a dosage form based on a food supplement containing a delayed release formulation of glucose. The release
Yunfei Li et al.
BMC cancer, 14, 329-329 (2014-06-03)
The small size of ultra-small nanoparticles makes them suitable for lymphatic delivery, and many recent studies have examined their role in anti-metastasis therapy. However, the anti-metastatic efficacy of small-sized nanocarriers loaded with taxanes such as docetaxel has not yet been
Xuhong Du et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 20(5), 7574-7585 (2015-04-29)
Nitric oxide (NO), a well-known signaling molecule plays an important role in abiotic and biotic stress-induced production of plant secondary metabolites. In this study, roles of NO in water stress-induced tanshinone production in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy roots were investigated. The
Berta Cillero-Pastor et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(8), 2213-2222 (2014-12-17)
The remodeling of the synovial membrane, which normally lubricates the joints by producing synovial fluid, is one of the most characteristic events in the pathology of osteoarthritis (OA). The heterogeneity and spatial distribution of proteins in the synovial membrane are
Boris Mravec et al.
Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical, 190, 20-25 (2015-05-06)
Neuroendocrine stress response is regulated by several feedback loops. Since it has been suggested that afferent vagal pathways contribute to these feedback loops, we examined the effect of surgical subdiaphragmatic vagotomy on both baseline and stress-induced increases in plasma epinephrine
Kazuhiro Taguchi et al.
SpringerPlus, 3, 6-6 (2015-02-13)
An estimation procedure for biobased carbon content of polyethylene composite was studied using carbon-14 ((14)C) concentration ratios as measured by accelerated mass spectrometry (AMS). Prior to the measurement, additives and fillers in composites should be removed because they often contain
Haruka Oda et al.
Biomaterials, 56, 86-91 (2015-05-03)
A large number of lineage-committed progenitor cells are required for advanced regenerative medicine based on cell engineering. Due to their ability to differentiate into multiple cells lines, multipotent stem cells have emerged as a vital source for generating transplantable cells
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