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Shen-Peng Liu et al.
Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 14(3), 2235-2240 (2017-10-01)
Chronic inflammation often delays fracture healing or leads to bone nonunion. Effectively suppressing pathological inflammation is crucial for fracture healing or bone remodeling. Triptolide, which is a diterpenoid epoxide, is the major active component of the Thunder God Vine
Wenbo Zhu et al.
Oncology reports, 22(6), 1397-1401 (2009-11-04)
Triptolide, a traditional anti-inflammatory and anti-immunodepressive agent, has been reported to exert anti-neoplastic activity on several human tumor cell lines. This study investigates the pro-apoptotic function and the functional mechanism of triptolide on anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) cells. Experiments presented...
Carlos Perea-Resa et al.
Molecular cell, 78(1), 127-140 (2020-02-09)
As cells enter mitosis, the genome is restructured to facilitate chromosome segregation, accompanied by dramatic changes in gene expression. However, the mechanisms that underlie mitotic transcriptional regulation are unclear. In contrast to transcribed genes, centromere regions retain transcriptionally active RNA...
Liang Qu et al.
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 170, 28-38 (2015-05-17)
Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F (TWHF) is a traditional herbal medicine in China. Triptolide (TP), the primary bioactive compound of TWHF, is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive compound that can also injure the liver and kidney. Unfortunately, the toxicity mechanism remains unknown....
Min Chen et al.
Molecular medicine reports, 19(6), 4841-4851 (2019-04-04)
Anastomotic fibrosis is highly likely to lead to reoperation in Crohn's disease (CD) patients. Triptolide (TPL) is considered to have anti‑inflammatory and antifibrotic effects in a variety of autoimmune diseases, including CD. The present study aimed to investigate the effects...
Huaqing Wang et al.
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 202(10), 3041-3052 (2019-04-07)
Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine [5-HT]) is a key enteric signaling molecule that mediates various physiological processes in the gut. Enterochromaffin (EC) cells in the mucosal layer of the gut are the main source of 5-HT in the body and are situated in...
Alicja E Grzegorzewska et al.
Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research, 18(8), CS67-CS71 (2012-08-01)
To date, Kaposi sarcoma has not been mentioned among the adverse effects of triptolide/tripdiolide, ethyl acetate extracts or polyglycosides of the Chinese herbal remedy Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F. A patient was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 29...
Haijun Zhao et al.
Oncotarget, 7(51), 85515-85528 (2016-11-27)
Chemoresistance represents a major challenge for treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Thus, new drugs to overcome chemoresistance in ALL are urgently needed. To this end, we established a cytarabine (araC)-resistant ALL cell line (NALM-6/R), which interestingly displayed cross-resistance towards...
Hongxi Zhao et al.
Experimental & molecular medicine, 44(11), 633-641 (2012-08-21)
Triptolide, a compound extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine preparation of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F., has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. However, its effect on ovarian cancer invasion is unknown. We observed that MMP7 and MMP19 expression...
Celeste D Rosencrance et al.
Molecular cell, 78(1), 112-126 (2020-04-04)
Delineating how chromosomes fold at length scales beyond one megabase remains obscure relative to smaller-scale folding into TADs, loops, and nucleosomes. We find that rather than simply unfolding chromatin, histone hyperacetylation results in interactions between distant genomic loci separated by...
Changhai Zhang et al.
Cardiology, 128(2), 73-85 (2014-02-22)
To investigate whether triptolide can prolong the survival of rat mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) transfected with the mouse hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel 4 (mHCN4) gene in the myocardium. Grafted cell survival was determined using a sex-mismatched cell transplantation model and...
Helga B Landsverk et al.
Nucleic acids research, 47(4), 1797-1813 (2018-12-13)
Ataxia telangiectasia mutated and Rad3-related (ATR) kinase is a key factor activated by DNA damage and replication stress. An alternative pathway for ATR activation has been proposed to occur via stalled RNA polymerase II (RNAPII). However, how RNAPII might signal...
Ruidong Li et al.
Oncology reports, 37(1), 442-448 (2016-11-24)
Cellular senescence, an irreversible growth arrest of cells, is involved in protection against cancer. Triptolide (TPL) plays an important role in immunosuppressive, anti-fertility, anti-cystogenesis and anticancer activities. However, effect and mechanism of TPL on cellular senescence-associated antitumor is rarely reported....
Song Yi Park et al.
Cancer science, 108(9), 1769-1777 (2017-07-13)
β-Catenin is a central player in Wnt signaling, and activation of Wnt signaling is associated with cancer development. E-cadherin in complex with β-catenin mediates cell-cell adhesion, which suppresses β-catenin-dependent Wnt signaling. Recently, a tumor-suppressive role for E-cadherin has been reconsidered...
Ildikó Kristó et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1864(10), 1589-1604 (2017-05-31)
Current models imply that the evolutionarily conserved, actin-binding Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (ERM) proteins perform their activities at the plasma membrane by anchoring membrane proteins to the cortical actin network. Here we show that beside its cytoplasmic functions, the single ERM protein of...
Ye Xu et al.
Biomedical chromatography : BMC, 33(3), e4422-e4422 (2018-10-31)
Triptolide is one of the main active ingredients of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. F. In this study, a sensitive LC-MS/MS method was established and validated to determine the concentration of triptolide in rat plasma. Triptolide and an internal standard [(5R)-5-hydroxytriptolide] were...
Ping Li et al.
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 319, 87-103 (2019-12-22)
Targeted delivery of nano-encapsulated anti-inflammatory agent represents a promising while challenging strategy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Pro-inflammatory macrophages play a major role in the pathogenesis of RA. In this study, we investigated the effect of a macrophage-targeted...
Tara Boulding et al.
PloS one, 11(2), e0148065-e0148065 (2016-02-10)
Dual-specificity phosphatases (DUSPs) dephosphorylate threonine/serine and tyrosine residues on their substrates. Here we show that DUSP1, DUSP4, and DUSP6 are involved in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and breast cancer stem cell (CSC) regulation. DUSP1, DUSP4, and DUSP6 are induced during EMT...
Chuanbing Huang et al.
Journal of traditional Chinese medicine = Chung i tsa chih ying wen pan, 36(1), 92-100 (2016-03-08)
To investigate effects of Xinfeng capsule (XFC) on cardiac function in rats with adjuvant arthritis (AA) and explore the mechanism of these effects. Forty-eight rats were randomly divided into normal control (NC), model control (MC), methotrexate (MTX) and XFC groups...
Azzedine Abdi et al.
Cell calcium, 58(5), 467-475 (2015-08-09)
TRPP2 is a cationic channel expressed in plasma membrane and in sarcoplasmic reticulum. In several cell lines, TRPP2 is described as a reticulum Ca(2+) leak channel but it also interacts with ryanodine and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (InsP3) receptors to inhibit and...
Rohit Chugh et al.
Science translational medicine, 4(156), 156ra139-156ra139 (2012-10-19)
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal human malignancies with an all-stage 5-year survival frequency of <5%, which highlights the urgent need for more effective therapeutic strategies. We have previously shown that triptolide, a diterpenoid, is effective against pancreatic...
Li-Hua Hang et al.
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology, 115(6), 477-480 (2014-05-09)
It has been shown that triptolide has beneficial effects in the treatment of neuropathic pain, but its effects on bone cancer pain (BCP) remain unclear. In this study, we aimed to explore the potential role of spinal regulated activation of...
Jun Wang et al.
Cancer research, 79(9), 2208-2219 (2019-03-20)
Choroid plexus carcinoma (CPC) is a rare brain tumor that occurs most commonly in very young children and has a dismal prognosis despite intensive therapy. Improved outcomes for patients with CPC depend on a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying...
Takashi Sutani et al.
Nature communications, 6, 7815-7815 (2015-07-24)
Chromosome condensation is a hallmark of mitosis in eukaryotes and is a prerequisite for faithful segregation of genetic material to daughter cells. Here we show that condensin, which is essential for assembling condensed chromosomes, helps to preclude the detrimental effects...
Tsung-Han S Hsieh et al.
Molecular cell, 78(3), 539-553 (2020-03-28)
Whereas folding of genomes at the large scale of epigenomic compartments and topologically associating domains (TADs) is now relatively well understood, how chromatin is folded at finer scales remains largely unexplored in mammals. Here, we overcome some limitations of conventional...
Xiaoli Xu et al.
International immunopharmacology, 14(4), 704-709 (2012-10-30)
Idiopathic pneumonia syndrome (IPS) accounts for significant morbidity and mortality in patients following bone marrow transplantation (BMT). However, no effective therapy has been identified to reliably treat IPS. Previous studies using mouse BMT models suggest that the pathology of IPS...
R Szalat et al.
Leukemia, 32(1), 111-119 (2017-06-08)
Despite the development of novel drugs, alkylating agents remain an important component of therapy in multiple myeloma (MM). DNA repair processes contribute towards sensitivity to alkylating agents and therefore we here evaluate the role of nucleotide excision repair (NER), which...
María Moriel-Carretero et al.
The Journal of cell biology, 216(12), 4007-4026 (2017-10-17)
Proteins disabled in the cancer-prone disorder Fanconi anemia (FA) ensure the maintenance of chromosomal stability during DNA replication. FA proteins regulate replication dynamics, coordinate replication-coupled repair of interstrand DNA cross-links, and mitigate conflicts between replication and transcription. Here we show...
Zhanhui Su et al.
Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada, 23(5), 1002-1012 (2017-07-27)
High-resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used for the in situ evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effects of triptolide on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) to understand the anti-RA effects of triptolide, based on the morphological and biophysical changes observed...
Mengyuan Zhu et al.
Experimental hematology, 81, 50-59 (2020-01-04)
Exposure of cells to bortezomib (BTZ) could activate heat shock protein (HSP) expression, which is regulated mainly by heat shock factor 1 (HSF1). We determined the role of Apg-1 (HSPA4L, a member of the HSP110 family) in HSF1 activation and...

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