Healthy adiposity and extended lifespan in obese mice fed a diet supplemented with a polyphenol-rich plant extract.

Scientific reports (2019-06-27)
Virginie Aires, Jérôme Labbé, Valérie Deckert, Jean-Paul Pais de Barros, Romain Boidot, Marc Haumont, Guillaume Maquart, Naig Le Guern, David Masson, Emmanuelle Prost-Camus, Michel Prost, Laurent Lagrost

Obesity may not be consistently associated with metabolic disorders and mortality later in life, prompting exploration of the challenging concept of healthy obesity. Here, the consumption of a high-fat/high-sucrose (HF/HS) diet produces hyperglycaemia and hypercholesterolaemia, increases oxidative stress, increases endotoxaemia, expands adipose tissue (with enlarged adipocytes, enhanced macrophage infiltration and the accumulation of cholesterol and oxysterols), and reduces the median lifespan of obese mice. Despite the persistence of obesity, supplementation with a polyphenol-rich plant extract (PRPE) improves plasma lipid levels and endotoxaemia, prevents macrophage recruitment to adipose tissues, reduces adipose accumulation of cholesterol and cholesterol oxides, and extends the median lifespan. PRPE drives the normalization of the HF/HS-mediated functional enrichment of genes associated with immunity and inflammation (in particular the response to lipopolysaccharides). The long-term limitation of immune cell infiltration in adipose tissue by PRPE increases the lifespan through a mechanism independent of body weight and fat storage and constitutes the hallmark of a healthy adiposity trait.

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