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N-glycans in liver-secreted and immunoglogulin-derived protein fractions.

Journal of proteomics (2012-02-14)
S Bekesova, O Kosti, K B Chandler, J Wu, H L Madej, K C Brown, V Simonyan, R Goldman

N-glycosylation of proteins provides a rich source of information on liver disease progression because majority of serum glycoproteins, with the exception of immunoglobulins, are secreted by the liver. In this report, we present results of an optimized workflow for MALDI-TOF analysis of permethylated N-glycans detached from serum proteins and separated into liver secreted and immunoglobulin fractions. We have compared relative intensities of N-glycans in 23 healthy controls and 23 cirrhosis patients. We were able to detect 82 N-glycans associated primarily with liver secreted glycoproteins, 54 N-glycans in the protein G bound fraction and 52 N-glycans in the fraction bound to protein A. The N-glycan composition of the fractions differed substantially, independent of liver disease. The relative abundance of approximately 53% N-glycans in all fractions was significantly altered in the cirrhotic liver. The removal of immunoglobulins allowed detection of an increase in a series of high mannose and hybrid N-glycans associated with the liver secreted protein fraction.

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