Clinical relevance of source location in frontal lobe epilepsy and prediction of postoperative long-term outcome.

Seizure (2014-05-24)
Jie Mu, Stefan Rampp, Evelien Carrette, Karl Roessler, Bjoern Sommer, Friedhelm Carl Schmitt, Xavier De Tiège, Hajo Hamer, Paul Boon, Elisabeth Pauli, Ingmar Bluemcke, Dong Zhou, Michael Buchfelder, Hermann Stefan

To evaluate the value of magnetoencephalography (MEG) source localization in localization of epileptic activities and predicting surgical outcome in frontal lobe epilepsies (FLE). Forty-six patients with presurgical MEG evaluation and intractable FLE surgery (28 male patients) were analyzed retrospectively with a mean follow-up of 5 years. Dipole analysis was performed for MEG source imaging (MSI). The localization of dipole clusters in relation to the dominant hemisphere, lesions, resection cavity and functional cortex were analyzed. The predictive value of MSI in respect to clinical outcome with long-term postoperative follow up was evaluated. Interictal focal epileptic activities were found in 82.6% (38/46) patients with monofocal activity 81.6% (31/38) and multifocal activities 18.4% (7/38). Seizure free rate was 47.9% at the mean follow-up of 5.0 ± 4.0 years (median 11.5, range 2-57). Seizure recurrence mainly occurred in the first 1 year after surgery. In the monofocal epileptic activity group, 58.1% (18/31) of the patients were seizure free, predicitng postoperative seizure freedom better than multifocal localization 0% (0/7) (p=0.028). Dipole clusters were completely resected in 70.9% of monofocal activity patients, which had higher seizure free rates compared to partial resection (p=0.002). In patients with surgery in the dominant hemisphere, seizure control was less likely (p=0.006). MSI contributes to the clinical prediction of postoperative outcome in FLE patients. MSI may non-invasively disclose early epileptogenic lesions, pointing to a resectable lesion, and it then facilitates shortcut route of presurgical evaluation.

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