Association of NMT2 with the acyl-CoA carrier ACBD6 protects the N-myristoyltransferase reaction from palmitoyl-CoA.

Journal of lipid research (2015-12-02)
Eric Soupene, Joseph Kao, Daniel H Cheng, Derek Wang, Alexander L Greninger, Giselle M Knudsen, Joseph L DeRisi, Frans A Kuypers

The covalent attachment of a 14-carbon aliphatic tail on a glycine residue of nascent translated peptide chains is catalyzed in human cells by two N-myristoyltransferase (NMT) enzymes using the rare myristoyl-CoA (C(14)-CoA) molecule as fatty acid donor. Although, NMT enzymes can only transfer a myristate group, they lack specificity for C(14)-CoA and can also bind the far more abundant palmitoyl-CoA (C(16)-CoA) molecule. We determined that the acyl-CoA binding protein, acyl-CoA binding domain (ACBD)6, stimulated the NMT reaction of NMT2. This stimulatory effect required interaction between ACBD6 and NMT2, and was enhanced by binding of ACBD6 to its ligand, C(18:2)-CoA. ACBD6 also interacted with the second human NMT enzyme, NMT1. The presence of ACBD6 prevented competition of the NMT reaction by C(16)-CoA. Mutants of ACBD6 that were either deficient in ligand binding to the N-terminal ACBD or unable to interact with NMT2 did not stimulate activity of NMT2, nor could they protect the enzyme from utilizing the competitor C(16)-CoA. These results indicate that ACBD6 can locally sequester C(16)-CoA and prevent its access to the enzyme binding site via interaction with NMT2. Thus, the ligand binding properties of the NMT/ACBD6 complex can explain how the NMT reaction can proceed in the presence of the very abundant competitive substrate, C(16)-CoA.

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