Calcium Pumps and Interacting BON1 Protein Modulate Calcium Signature, Stomatal Closure, and Plant Immunity.

Plant physiology (2017-07-14)
Dong-Lei Yang, Zhenying Shi, Yongmei Bao, Jiapei Yan, Ziyuan Yang, Huiyun Yu, Yun Li, Mingyue Gou, Shu Wang, Baohong Zou, Dachao Xu, Zhiqi Ma, Jitae Kim, Jian Hua

Calcium signaling is essential for environmental responses including immune responses. Here, we provide evidence that the evolutionarily conserved protein BONZAI1 (BON1) functions together with autoinhibited calcium ATPase10 (ACA10) and ACA8 to regulate calcium signals in Arabidopsis. BON1 is a plasma membrane localized protein that negatively regulates the expression of immune receptor genes and positively regulates stomatal closure. We found that BON1 interacts with the autoinhibitory domains of ACA10 and ACA8, and the

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Anti-HA antibody, Mouse monoclonal, clone HA-7, purified from hybridoma cell culture